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30 April
Comments Off on DPI recognizes Mid-Shore poultry farmers

DPI recognizes Mid-Shore poultry farmers

The Cheezums became chicken growers in 1980 when they bought a farm with two chicken houses near Preston. They now operate just one upgraded house in which they grow 20,000 antibiotic free birds per flock for Allen Harim.

Tom and Mary’s youngest son Eric also is involved with the chickens. In addition to chickens, the Cheezums till 750 acres in small grain, corn and beans. Tom and Mary attend Bethesda United Methodist Church in Preston.

Since 1980, Tom has seen many changes in the chicken industry, including use of tunnel ventilation, controllers and other technological advances. Tom credits consistency as being important to success in growing chickens and said that “a little common sense goes a long way.”

Tom and Mary have two sons, Tom II and Eric. In addition to helping around the farm, Tom II teaches music at Col. Richardson High School. He and his wife, Christy, are parents to Tom III, Jill, Susannah and Violet. Eric is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a doctorate in history. Along with farming and raising chickens, he is an author and lecturer and serves as an adjunct professor at Chesapeake College.

Gil Johnson of Centreville is a relative newcomer to the chicken business. He has been growing chickens with Mountaire Farms for just two years. Several years ago he attended a MidAtlantic Farm Credit meeting and sat at a table with chicken growers.

30 April
Comments Off on Ephraim council approves agreement for new water improvement system

Ephraim council approves agreement for new water improvement system

Ted Olson addressed the council regarding an acceptance letter with the Intermountain Power Authority (IPA) to obtain generation and transmission entitlements in IPP after termination of the existing Power Sales Contract. The renewal would take the existing contract, which expires in 2027, and extends it to 2077. The extension allows for new technological advances if and when those become available. Olson reiterated the arguments for reserving the energy allocation among Utah cities that he made to the Mt. Pleasant City Council earlier this month, so that Utah would be able to maintain its voting power relative to California. The council put the vote on this matter on next month’s agenda.

30 April
Comments Off on The best PlayStation 4 games out now

The best PlayStation 4 games out now

Its time to face facts: owning a PS4 doesnt make you special. All it means is that you made the most sensible console choice, and so did nearly 40 million other people.

Proving your gaming cred superiority and becoming the envy of your less tasteful friends therefore involves ensuring you have a collection of games beyond compare.

Finding the juicy nuggets of gaming excellence in an overwhelming line-up can be tricky, especially for the those whove only just boarded the PS4 bandwagon, but were here to help: these are our picks for the 20 PS4 games you have to play and own. Many are new or relatively recent releases, keeping you up and up with the latest and greatest, but some are established gems that every true gamer needs in their locker.

So whether youre starting from scratch or looking to bolster an already established gaming library, read on, find something you like, and get playing!

Looking for to get some excellent gaming for very little cash? Check out the 9 best PS4 games for under £20

30 April
Comments Off on Atari founder Bushnell jumps into mobile with Spil Games

Atari founder Bushnell jumps into mobile with Spil Games

Forty years after Atari founder Nolan Bushnell tapped Steve Jobs to create arcade game Breakout, a mobile games publisher is returning the favor.

Bushnell is collaborating with Spil Games, a publisher located near Amsterdam, to create five to eight mobile apps. The first one is expected in early 2017, and the rest will likely hit over the course of the next year or so, Bushnell said in an interview with

Since leaving Atari in 1978, Bushnell has helped start or been involved with numerous tech businesses focused on robotics, education and anti-aging games. Bushnell said that over the past 15 years, hes designed about 30 games, both single player and player to player, but without ever looking to get them on the market.

29 April
Comments Off on LA Metro’s new sales tax: when "bold" isn’t "beautiful"

LA Metro’s new sales tax: when "bold" isn’t "beautiful"

Additionally, there is not a little irony baked into Metros bold proposals funding source. Sales taxes are notoriously regressive. Of the three main forms of state taxes, according to a recent report by the Institute of Tax and Economic Policy, sales tax hurts the poor the most. Poor people, who might benefit from the technological advances slighted by the Metro plan, tend to rely on buses, which themselves are given short shrift by the expenditure proposal. If Metro was really interested in social justice, one wonders why they wouldnt have tried to figure out a financing mechanism, such as a tax on higher earners, which could fund a sensible transportation infrastructure buildout.

29 April
Comments Off on Burger Beat: Two New Beefy Options in Athens

Burger Beat: Two New Beefy Options in Athens

BURGERTOWN, PT. 1: Sometimes I wonder if the design of the new shopping center on Epps Bridge Parkway/the Oconee Connector is deliberately disorienting, like a casino, constructed in such a way that one wanders around not knowing exactly where to go but unable to find ones way out. You may have a slightly hard time locating the new Groove Burgers (1791 Oconee Connector, 762-499-5699), which is in the middle section, shaped like a squashed hexagon, near Guitar Center and Alumni Hall, even though a few church BBQ-type signs attempt to point the way.

Surrounded on all sides by chains, it is, at least for now, a one-of-a-kind business, although clearly one with an eye toward franchising. Brought to you by Bridger Loftin of Locos, which has successfully duplicated itself many times throughout the Southeast, Groove Burgers takes a cue from Taqueria del Sol. Walk in the door and order at the counter, take your number, grab a seat, and your food is out speedily. If theres a line (not a problem yet, but possibly in the future), you can go sit at the bar and order there. Clean accents of corrugated metal, taking inspiration from the groove of the name, are everywhere, and the look is chill, not hyper, apart from the large TVs tuned to ESPN.

The menu is more thoughtful and more interesting than the average burger joint, chain or not. Rather than shooting for retro (little-bitty burgers focused on ketchup and mustard, paper hats, not much else, maybe some chili), its contemporary, with turkey, chicken and veggie burgers alongside the beef and actual vegetables, not just starches, in the sides section. The fries are skinny and simple, crisp, not soggy, unless you get the poutine, which tops them with a fairly bland cheese and a salty brown gravy. The mac and cheese is ignorable, but the roasted Brussels sprouts are tasty and the onion rings big and lightly battered; theres also asparagus, sweet potato chips and fried okra.

Maybe the smartest and best thing on the menu is the street corn, Grooves version of elote, a popular Mexican snack food consisting of a whole ear of grilled corn with the husk bent back and the kernels coated in a mixture of chili powder, mayo, crema and cotija cheese. Intensely flavored and cutely executed (the husk is tied in a cute bow that also serves as a neat handle), it is, in fact, better than the more authentic version served at the Pendergrass Flea Market, although you may need some floss when youre done.

Everything is agrave; la carte; no combo platters here. The bun tends to dissolve, especially if you order a burger with more toppings, like the Groove Burger (bacon, groove sauce, house pickles, caramelized onions, Bibb lettuce, heirloom tomatoes and cheddar). Flip it upside down, do your best to eat it quickly and hope you have a wet wipe handy. Caramelized onions show up a lot, but for good reason: they hold their flavor well, can be prepared in advance and taste really good.

The groove sauce is not, for once, just the same old mixture of ketchup and mustard, and it also shows up (along with the onions) on the Smokin Thighs sandwich made with grilled chicken thighs, another smart decision by the restaurateur. Why eat a sad grilled chicken breast when you could eat an actually good chicken thigh? The lamb burger is a bit of a disappointment (too dense; all the salt is in the tzatziki, not the patty), and the salted caramel shake is fine but not mind-blowing, but the Churrasco burger makes a strong argument in favor of chimichurri sauce as a new standard, if you dont mind garlic breath. (Its worth it!)

Groove Burgers is efficient and well put together, has a patio outside, is open for lunch and dinner every day and has beer and wine, including some decent stuff, but the soft drinks are only Pepsi products.

BURGERTOWN, PT. 2: More briefly, Fatburger (196 Alps Road, 706-354-6655), the international chain, is open inside Buffalos Cafe, in Beechwood. Walk in the door and theres a counter to your right. You can either order there or, if no ones manning it, at the hostess station, then sit in the restaurant or get your stuff to go. Its menu is smaller than the one at Groove Burgers and aims for simple excess. You can add egg, chili, bacon, onion rings and cheese to your burger, plus a gluten-free bun. It also offers turkey, chicken (crispy, grilled or Cajun) and veggie options, although the latter is both too strong-tasting and too bland at the same time.

The burgers are big and messy and totally acceptable, very similar to the ones Five Guys offers. Fancy is not the goal, but its still a step up from a drive-thru. Fries come in fat, skinny (both descriptions of actual dimensions, not healthiness) and chili-cheese. The shakes (thumbs up on strawberry) are topped with whipped cream. Fatburger is open from 11 am11 pm daily.

29 April
Comments Off on Anatomy May Be Key to Female Orgasm

Anatomy May Be Key to Female Orgasm

THURSDAY, April 21, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Despite whats often portrayed in movies and on TV, most women cant orgasm with penetration alone during sexual intercourse.

And simple anatomy is to blame, a new evidence review suggests.

Each womans ability to orgasm during sex depends almost wholly on physical development that occurred while she was still in the womb, according to the review authors.

During gestation, the clitoris begins to drift up and away from the vaginal opening, the researchers said.

But among women whose clitoris drifted too far up, it may be very difficult or even impossible to have an orgasm during sex, because traditional lovemaking doesnt provide enough friction to stimulate the clitoris, said Dr. Maureen Whelihan. Shes an obstetrician and gynecologist in West Palm Beach, Fla., and an expert with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Its not her fault. She was born that way, said Whelihan, who was not involved with the research but reviewed the findings.

The researchers said they have figured out the distance between a womans clitoris and her urinary opening that can predict whether she will be able to orgasm during sex, without any additional stimulation.

The magic number is 2.5 centimeters — slightly less than 1 inch, said Elisabeth Lloyd, who was not involved with the new study. Lloyd is an affiliated faculty scholar with the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University-Bloomington.

Its so strong a correlation that if you give us a woman who has a distance of 3 centimeters, we can very reliably predict she wont have orgasm with intercourse, Lloyd said. Women can do this measurement themselves or with their partner, to help explain their own sexual experience.

Other factors, such as penis size, the skill of the sexual partner or the intensity of desire might have some effect, but it really is the anatomical distance that seems to be predictive, Lloyd said.

Exposure to male hormones in the womb increases the amount of drift, Lloyd said. If shes exposed to a lot of androgen, the clitoral bud migrates far away, she said.

Between 70 percent to 90 percent of women are unable to achieve orgasm with penetration alone, Whelihan said.

Of those that claim they can have purely vaginal orgasms, 90 percent of them say they have to be on top, she added. Guess what? When youre on top, sitting on the partners erection and grinding on his abdomen, its really not just a vaginal orgasm. Youre rubbing your clitoris on his abdomen or pelvis.

Nine out of 10 women in her practice have had an orgasm during their life, Whelihan said, but nearly all needed direct clitoral stimulation to achieve it.

What about the G-spot, the erogenous area purported to exist inside the vagina? Autopsies havent consistently supported the existence of the G-spot, the evidence review said.

A majority of sex experts dont believe there is such a thing, Whelihan said. According to most of the experts, we believe if the G-spot exists then it only exists in a few women, she said.

Couples determined to achieve female orgasm during intercourse should start paying more attention to the clitoris, Lloyd and Whelihan said.

Couples can use positions where the female is on top, which allows the woman to get more friction against her clitoris. Or they can use a sexual position that allows either the man or the woman to rub the clitoris during sex, either with fingers or a sex toy, Whelihan said.

There are many ways to have an orgasm where shes having hers while hes having his, she said. Couples should not focus on something that will never change anatomically, and instead find ways to allow for some type of clitoral stimulation during penetration.

However, couples also should remember that orgasm with intercourse is not necessary for a woman to have a healthy or enjoyable sex life, Lloyd added.

I think this approach is traditional, and its very common, but its problematic. Weve learned in our research there are so many women who do not have orgasm with intercourse on a regular basis, Lloyd said. To put this banner of healthiness as having orgasm with intercourse kind of stacks the deck against these women who, because of their anatomy, cannot have orgasm with intercourse.

The evidence review was conducted by Leslie Hoffman of the department of anatomy at Indiana University School of Medicine, and colleagues. The report was published online April 4 in the journal Clinical Anatomy.

More information

For more on female orgasms, visit the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada.

29 April
Comments Off on Precarious work, technological advances drive basic income interest

Precarious work, technological advances drive basic income interest

Policy-makers and the public in Canada and around the world are eyeing the basic guaranteed income scheme again, buoyed by an evolving labour landscape and technological advances that have left them wondering if todays social services are enough. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Richard Plume

28 April
Comments Off on Next Xbox One Backwards-Compatible Games Arrive

Next Xbox One Backwards-Compatible Games Arrive

Two more Xbox 360 games are now playable on Xbox One. Microsofts Major Nelson announced the latest additions to the Xbox Ones backwards compatibility lineup today: Frogger and Galaga Legions DX.

If you already own (or decide to buy) these games, theyll show up in the Ready to Download area of the My Games and Apps section on your Xbox One. You can download and play them like any other game.

Responses to Major Nelsons tweet about these newest games included passionate calls for games like Call of Duty: Black Ops, BioShock Infinite, and Skate 3, all of which are confirmed to come to the program eventually. There is no set schedule for when games are added to the backward-compatible list, however.

In addition to those games, Microsoft has confirmed that the original BioShock and BioShock are coming.

You can see all of the 360 games you can currently play on an Xbox One here. This is the second time this week that Microsoft has added new games to the program, following the release of five other titles on Tuesday.

28 April
Comments Off on No same sex marriages recorded in county last year

No same sex marriages recorded in county last year

There were no same sex marriages registered in Leitrim last year.

More than 460 same-sex couples married or entered a civil partnership in 2015 following the yes vote in the marriage equality referendum.

Figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show there were 91 same-sex marriages last year, while a further 250 male couples opted for a civil partnership, and 126 female couples also entered unions.

Two-thirds of same sex couples who entered a civil partnership last year are from Dublin, with 78.2% of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender LGBT couples residing in Leinster.

Roscommon/ South Leitrim was the only constituency to return a no vote in the marriage equality referendum and both counties saw no civil partnerships registered last year.

Cavan, Monaghan, Carlow and North Tipperary also had no civil partnerships registered there. The figures also show a continuing trend of people getting married later in life. Men getting married in 2015 were an average of 35.3 years old, compared to 26.2 years in 1977.

The average age for women getting married last year was 33.2 years, compared to 24 in 1977.

There were 22,025 marriages registered last year, just 20 fewer than in 2014.

Traditional religious ceremonies still account for the highest proportion of marriages in the state.

More than half of the ceremonies in 2015 were Catholic services, while the Church of Ireland accounted for just 1.8% of ceremonies.

Civil services accounted for 6,156 of all marriages.

For the fourth year in a row, August is the most popular month to get married in with 26.5% of all weddings last year in July or August.