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30 September
Comments Off on World Heart Day: Cardio exercises you should do for a healthy heart

World Heart Day: Cardio exercises you should do for a healthy heart

Regular exercise is key to a healthy strong heart. Studies suggest that 30 minutes of exercise a day, can have a great impact on your health.

Brisk walking, running and swimming are simple and effective way to improve your health.

For those who struggle to find the time for a quick work out, watch to learn about interval circuit trainingand how you can do these work outs at home.

30 September
Comments Off on JV Partner Exercises Rights to Beach’s Stake in Egypt Abu Sennan Concession

JV Partner Exercises Rights to Beach’s Stake in Egypt Abu Sennan Concession

Australias Beach Energy Limited referred Monday to its Aug. 10 agreement with Rockhopper Exploration plc in relation to the sale of its wholly owned subsidiary, Beach Petroleum (Egypt) Pty Ltd. (Beach Egypt), whose core asset is a 22 percent interest in the Abu Sennan Concession in Egypt.

Completion was subject to satisfaction of certain conditions precedent, including waiver or non-exercise of pre-emptive rights held by existing joint venture parties in relation to the Abu Sennan Concession. Subsequent to announcement, Beach has received notice of the exercise of pre-emptive rights by one of the existing Abu Sennan Concession joint venture parties. As a result, the conditions precedent for the sale of Beach Egypt cannot be satisfied and the sale of Beach Egypt to Rockhopper will not proceed.

The Abu Sennan Concession preemption period expires Oct. 16. At that time the ultimate pre-empting party / parties will be confirmed. Completion of the sale of the interest in the Abu Sennan Concession under the preemption arrangements is subject to Egyptian government approvals. The acquiring party / parties will pay to Beach $20.4 million in cash for the interest in the Abu Sennan Concession (subject to adjustments).

A further transaction update will be provided in due course.

30 September
Comments Off on 5 Stability Ball Exercises for a Crazy Strong Core

5 Stability Ball Exercises for a Crazy Strong Core

Photo: Pond5

By Alex Orlov for Life by DailyBurn

When was the last time you used a stability ball at the gym? Sure, shiny new gadgets and machinery might look fun, but some machines can be more trouble than theyre worth. (Were looking at you, seated crunch machine!)

The 90s called and reminded us that the humble stability ball is actually an incredibly effective way to sculpt your way to a stronger core. Research shows that by performing basic moves like crunches on an unstable surface, youll increase muscle activity when compared to standard crunches. Talk about more bang for your buck!

But theres plenty more where that came from — the Swiss ball is incredibly versatile. From planks to squats to glute bridges performed on the ball, you can work your midsection while challenging other important muscle groups.

Before going balls to the wall, though, youll want to pick out the right size for you, says DailyBurn Fitness/Nutrition Coach Angela Rubin, ISSA personal trainer and USAT Level 1 triathlon coach. Your legs should make a 90-degree angle when you sit on the ball with your feet flat on the ground. (So, go bigger or smaller as necessary.)

5 Stability Ball Exercises to Target Your Core

Its no bouncy castle, but we guarantee youll come around to these five core moves from Rubin. Warm up your body with a minute of jumping jacks or jogging in place, then follow the GIFs below for a low-impact, beginner-friendly workout that will still challenge you in all the right ways.

1. Stability Ball Crunches

How does the humble ball up the ante on the old standard? Doing a controlled crunch on this unstable surface boosts activation of the abdominals more than regular crunches, says Rubin.
How to: Sit on the stability ball and walk your feet forward so your shoulders, neck and thighs are parallel to the floor. With your neck relaxed, place your hands behind your head (a). Engage your core and lift your shoulder blades off the ball, pausing once your body reaches a 45-degree angle. Keep your gaze towards the sky or ceiling so you dont put too much pressure on your neck (b). Pause, then gently lower your upper body back down. This movement isnt about speed so the slower, the better (c). Repeat 10 times.

2. Stability Ball Y-T Extensions

Tone your shoulders and core in one fell swoop by taking a cue from the alphabet and making Ys and Ts with your arms. By performing this move on a stability ball, youll work on range of motion more so than if you performed these laying on the floor, says Rubin.

How to: Lay your chest on a stability ball, with your legs extended straight behind you. Tuck your toes under your feet. Your body should be in a plank position and your head, a neutral position (a). Keep your core, glutes and back engaged, and have your arms hanging down from your shoulders but not touching the ground or the ball. Now raise your arms up and extend straight overhead, so your body makes a Y. Lower your arms (b). Next, raise your arms so they are extending straight out from your sides, so your body makes a T. Lower your arms (c). Repeat each letter 10 times.

3. Stability Ball Roll-Outs

Using an exercise ball for roll-outs can help engage smaller core muscles than traditional forms of exercise, says Rubin. Plus, wed be lying if we said this wasnt super challenging for those hamstrings, too.

How to: Start by kneeling on the ground with your toes tucked underneath your feet. The stability ball should be in front of you. Place your forearms on the ball so your arm makes a 90-degree angle (a). Push off from your toes and roll yourself forward, so you balanced on the ball in a plank position. Your body should form a straight line from your head to your heels (b). Hold for one second, then bend your knees and slowly roll back to the original position (c). Repeat 10 times.

4. Stability Ball Glute Bridges

With your lower back balanced on the ball, youll need a stable core to perform this move, says Rubin. It packs a one-two punch by targeting your glutes and your core abs.

How to: Sit on the stability ball with your feet flat on the floor. Walk your feet forward and roll your back onto the ball so your shoulders and upper back are supported by the ball (a). Squeeze and lift your glutes off the floor. Your shoulders and back should still be resting on the ball while you hold for two seconds (b). Drop your hips to the floor, then squeeze and lift your glutes again (c). Repeat 10 times.

5. Stability Ball Squats

Drop it like a squat and youll work your quads, glutes and core. Rubin says that using the stability ball can help maintain proper form while also supporting your lower back.

How to: Stand with a stability ball in between a wall and your lower back. You should be facing away from the wall, standing tall with your shoulder blades pulled back. Lean against the ball and make sure your weight is in your heels (a). With your hands placed on your hips, slowly lower into a squat position until your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle and thighs are parallel to the ground (b). Next, squeeze your glutes, and engage your quads, hamstrings and core as you drive through your heels to standing (c). Repeat 10 times.

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30 September
Comments Off on Financial industry protects itself, not investors

Financial industry protects itself, not investors

In a House subcommittee meeting today, Rep. Ann Wagner, R-Mo., will discuss her bill, HR 2374, the Retail Investor Protection Act, the website ThinkAdvisor reported Wednesday. The bill was first introduced in 2013, following the Department of Labors first attempt at fiduciary rule-making, and it made a second appearance in February of this year, following the push for a fiduciary rule by President Barack Obama and the Department of Labor.

The bill essentially forbids the Department of Labor, or DOL, to move ahead on a fiduciary rule until the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, goes first.

As well, HR 2374 asks the SEC to study the issues around the rule to find out whether investors would be harmed or disadvantaged by the rule.

In 2010, the Dodd-Frank Act required the SEC to investigate the necessity of a uniform fiduciary standard for investment advisers. The study found that applying a fiduciary standard could be necessary and that investors generally dont understand the distinction between the fiduciary and suitability standard.

The study did not look at the requirements of ERISA, however. ERISA is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and it governs advisers to retirement plans, mostly employer-sponsored plans such as 401(k)s. If the DOLs new rule goes into effect, IRAs as well as health savings accounts will be subject to the strict standards of care mandated by ERISA.

Financial industry not super excited about tighter regulations

The financial services industry has come down hard against the DOLs proposed fiduciary rule. The most salient complaints contend that the costs of complying with the rule and the increased legal liability could hurt their business and thus, limit investor access to advice. The Financial Services Roundtable, an industry lobbying group, released a survey of IRA owners on Wednesday that found that a majority of IRA owners would, of course, not be in favor of losing access to advice.

The survey found that 97% of those surveyed are confident that a financial adviser would provide advice that is in the best interest of their client; 63% were very confident.

Where did they dig up these people? Previous surveys have found that most investors are not sure how to differentiate investment advice from a sales pitch.

IRA investors believe their adviser is serving their best interest. People believe they are getting advice that is in their best interest, but the evidence shows that they are not, says Micah Hauptman, financial services counsel at the Consumer Federation of America.

The DOL rule is trying to match up reality with those beliefs, he says.

The Financial Services Roundtable has advocated for simplified disclosure of conflicts of interest rather than the DOLs proposed rule. In order to make a commission-based brokerage model work under ERISA, the rule from the DOL would use a best interest contract that allows prohibited transactions, such as commissions.

The DOL solution is too onerous for most firms to comply with. Either investors will pay a fee for service or they will have to sign a best interest contract right off the bat, says Jill Hoffman, vice president of government affairs for investment management at Financial Services Roundtable. Many consumers balk at the thought of signing a contract before theyve even had a conversation with the adviser about their needs. And then there is the legal liability involved with a contract. What does it mean if the market goes down and the investor loses money? Did they not get advice in their best interest?

One reason that may be alarming to the financial services industry is that it opens brokers and their firms to lawsuits. In the past, advisers could write their own contracts requiring clients to settle contract disputes with arbitration rather than in the courts, the website explained in April.

In the end, it will all be figured out — hopefully for the benefit of investors.

What do you think?

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30 September
Comments Off on Reese Witherspoon shares Draper James fall collection: Win a $500 shopping spree

Reese Witherspoon shares Draper James fall collection: Win a $500 shopping spree

When I first left Nashville and started going to New York and LA, I was intimidated by fashion too, Witherspoon tells

So much of fashion isnt friendly. Youre taught that you dont belong and thats why I wanted to create a brand where everyone feels like they belong. And whether thats because it comes in all different sizes or all different fits, theres something for everybody and thats really important.

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