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31 August
Comments Off on Is your body telling you that you really need a vacation?

Is your body telling you that you really need a vacation?

In a 2011 survey of 1,546 people by the American Psychological Association, about one-third of respondents said they typically feel tense or stressed out during their workday. And despite that nearly all of us need an occasional break, many rarely take a vacation day because they worry that others will look down on them, says Paula Davis-Laack, PhD, author of Addicted to Busy.

Sky-high stress at work wont just lead to burnout–it can also bring on stomach issues, trouble sleeping, headaches, and more, according to a 2011 review by researchers from the University of South Florida. On average, Americans get 14 days of vacation a year, but use only 10 of them. How do you know when youve reached a breaking point and it might be time to cash in your chips? Read on for the signs that you and your workplace need a little time off.

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Every little problem is turning into a big issue

No one likes fielding other peoples mistakes, but the truth is, you should be able to handle the occasional curveball or two–and your goal should always be to knock it out of the park. A positive attitude is key.

31 August
Comments Off on CSX Corporation For Dividend Investors: Not Great, Not Bad

CSX Corporation For Dividend Investors: Not Great, Not Bad


  • We like CSX Corporation. We believe the hype about the tailwinds from the Panama Canal are overdone and premature, but that doesnt take away from the quality of the company.
  • That said, there are better Class I railroads if youre a dividend investor.
  • In this piece, we outline the relevant factors and offer some discussion of the underlying business. We rate CSX a B- as a dividend investment.
31 August
Comments Off on Sturgeon’s plan for Scottish BBC based on proposals scrapped by corporation

Sturgeon’s plan for Scottish BBC based on proposals scrapped by corporation

Nicola Sturgeon’s ambitious proposals for new BBC TV and radio channels in Scotland are based heavily on an official BBC blueprint that was scrapped after the latest pound;750m funding cuts, the Guardian can reveal. Sources close to the BBC have confirmed that its executives drew up plans for a new Scotland-only TV channel and an extra radio service funded by the licence fee, as part of the corporation’s proposals for the renewal of its charter.

The proposals, which the BBC forecast would cost about pound;75m, were leaked to the first minister’s team by BBC staff because they were hastily shelved by the broadcaster in July. That came after Tony Hall, its director general, was forced by the UK government to accept pound;750m in cuts under the latest licence fee settlement negotiated behind closed doors with George Osborne.

Sources now say that the BBC’s ambitions have been severely cut back to focus on a new Scotland editor for BBC News and far less expensive plans to expand drama and documentary commissioning.

They claim only about pound;30m-pound;35m is spent by the BBC on Scottish news, sports and programme-making, compared with a licence fee income of pound;320m from Scotland – a figure disputed by BBC officials. The BBC says its overall spending in Scotland varies from pound;180m to pound;200m a year.

BBC Scotland executives in Glasgow are understood to have presented Hall with a suite of options, including a new TV channel solely for Scotland or new online-only Scottish programming. They also proposed a second BBC Radio Scotland service based on splitting its FM and AM services into two separate ones. BBC Radio Scotland normally broadcasts the same programmes on AM and FM, using FM when it covers big football matches.

Sturgeon revealed at the Edinburgh international TV festival on Thursday that these plans were now the centrepiece of her government’s proposals to the UK government for future reform of the BBC.

Sources close to Sturgeon said her government had been working on similar proposals independently of the BBC: the two sides had arrived at this new model separately.

She will be backed internally by some BBC executives, corporation sources have said, because they believe that demanding these measures could be crucial in ensuring that Scottish programming is protected from the deeper cuts now being planned corporation-wide.

Sturgeon said the UK government had enforced its cuts of BBC funding in secret, which amounted to “a serious breach” of its undertaking to consult devolved governments such as hers about the future of the BBC. She claimed that only decentralisation would allow the BBC to recover the trust of its Scottish audience, particularly among voters who backed independence at the Scottish referendum and felt “frustration” and a “genuine concern” about BBC reporting.

That distrust erupted again after Alex Salmond, her predecessor as first minister, and Nick Robinson, the BBC’s outgoing political editor, renewed their public feud over Robinson’s mishandling of an exchange with Salmond before the referendum.

Sturgeon told her lecture audience in Edinburgh that she did not want to sound like a politician moaning about coverage she did not like. She did not dispute the integrity of much of the corporation’s journalism. But she claimed that much of the BBC’s coverage of the referendum was too quick to focus on the negatives; failing to challenge errors in the pro-UK camps claims.

Openly distancing herself from Salmond’s complaints, she insisted: “So let me be clear. I am not saying there was institutional bias in the BBC’s referendum output. However, there were occasions when its coverage – through oversight, apparent ignorance of the detail of an issue or as a result of simply following the agenda of openly partisan print media – lapsed from the objective output the referendum deserved into what could seem partial and, at times, pejorative.”

Sturgeon began her lecture by attacking broadcaster in blunt terms for allowing their broadcasting, management and staff to be heavily male dominated, overlooking or sidelining female sporting events. “Women in sport receive far less coverage and prominence than their male counterparts. Older female reporters have had to battle to stay on screen while their male equivalents hold premium presenting roles well past retirement age,” she said.

“None of that is acceptable in 2015. Young girls and women are entitled – just as much as men and boys are – to see positive, or rather fair, representations of themselves on screen.”

After Sturgeon’s speech the BBC said it was planning to “protect” its spending in the nations and increase its Scottish spending and output as part of its charter renewal programme, admitting that Sturgeon had correctly identified issues about its output.

Adding that BBC audiences in Scotland got “great value” from the licence fee, a spokeswoman added: “We recognise that there is audience demand for greater representation and portrayal of Scottish audiences on all BBC services and we want this to be part of our response in charter review.

“The BBC’s funding has now been set for the next five years and this will mean cuts across the BBC – we will have to balance our investment on pan-UK services with dedicated services in the nations. We will aim to protect spending in the Nations so that content investment is cut less than in other parts of the BBC.”

31 August
Comments Off on Boy, 4, drowns at Corporation Beach in Dennis

Boy, 4, drowns at Corporation Beach in Dennis

  • Boy, 4, drowns at Corporation Beach in Dennis
  • A 4-year-old boy visiting Cape Cod with his family drowned at Corporation Beach late Friday afternoon despite frantic efforts by bystanders and rescue personnel to revive him.
30 August
Comments Off on Commission reviews opt-outs for smart meters in PSO case

Commission reviews opt-outs for smart meters in PSO case

Oklahoma Corporation Commission reviews other states opt-outs for smart meters in Public Service Co. of Oklahoma case

30 August
Comments Off on Paulsen: I’m investing against this trend

Paulsen: I’m investing against this trend

Many investors are betting on continued dollar strength, but Jim Paulsen, Wells Capital Management chief investment strategist, said Wednesday hes not one of them.

One of the most widely accepted market themes right now that everyone playing is the dollar is going to keep going higher, he told CNBCs Squawk on the Street. That, to me, creates a huge risk if it doesnt go higher. I would invest against that trend and stay away from that risk.

The dollar has appreciated more than 18 percent against a basket of other currencies in the last year. Paulsen recently told CNBC he believes the dollar has been in peaking mode since March.

Read More Paulsen: Excellent chance of commodity climb if dollar falls

He advised looking beyond the United States, where interest rates remain low and stocks have been beaten up relative to US equities, making them better values.

Id go to parts of the world outside the United States that dont face the same problem we do, that is the need to raise rates, he said.

In a research note, Paulsen said the dollar strengthened amid weakness overseas. He told Squawk on the Street that what drives currencies is the growth gap between the US and the rest of the world, which has widened in the last year.

China is pushing up. Europes pushing up, and were going the other way, he said. They might still be growing slowly overseas–I think they will–but the relative gap will close, which could bring a bid to foreign currencies and a sell to the dollar.

30 August
Comments Off on Rexnord Corporation Price Target Update

Rexnord Corporation Price Target Update

Rexnord Corporation (NYSE:RXN): 8 Brokerage firm Analysts have agreed with the mean estimate for the short term price target of $26.75 in Rexnord Corporation (NYSE:RXN). However, the stock price could fluctuate by $ 2.25 from the estimate as it is suggested by the standard deviation reading. The higher estimate has been put at $32 price target with the lower price estimate is calculated at $25

As many as 9 brokerage firms have rated Rexnord Corporation (NYSE:RXN) at 1.78. Research Analysts at Zacks have ranked the company at 3, suggesting the traders with a rating of hold for the short term. Sell was recommended by 1 analysts. The stock garnered a place in the hold list of 2 stock Analysts. 6 analysts rated the company as a strong buy.

Several analysts have commented on the company rating. Brokerage firm Deutsche Bank downgrades its rating on Rexnord Corporation (NYSE:RXN). As per the latest information, the brokerage house lowers the price target to $27 per share from a prior target of $30. The shares have been rated Hold. Previously, the analysts had a Buy rating on the shares. The rating by the firm was issued on April 9, 2015.

29 August
Comments Off on More Latin Americans Investing in US Businesses for Green Cards

More Latin Americans Investing in US Businesses for Green Cards

As Venezuelas economic and political situation became dire two years ago, David began looking at options to immigrate to the US along with his wife and three children.

In Venezuela, anything can happen at any given moment, said David, who still owns businesses in Venezuela and who did not want his real name used for his and his familys security.

After consulting with various attorneys, he determined the most viable option to secure green cards for the entire family was to invest $500,000 into a US business.

A year and one month after initiating the process, Davids wife and three teenage children all have their green cards.

Like David, a record number of investors from Latin America looking to escape from political instability and drug violence are pouring money into projects in South Florida through a federal visa program known as EB-5 in exchange for green cards.

29 August
Comments Off on How Computers Are Changing the Way We Explain the World

How Computers Are Changing the Way We Explain the World

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  • Date of Publication: 08.08.15.
  • Time of Publication: 7:00 am.

How Computers Are Changing the Way We Explain the World

Olena Shmahalo/Quanta Magazine. Paul CÃzannes Still Life with Apples courtesy of the Gettys Open Content Program.

Imagine it’s the 1950s and you’re in charge of one of the world’s first electronic computers. A company approaches you and says: “We have 10 million words of French text that we’d like to translate into English. We could hire translators, but is there some way your computer could do the translation automatically?”

29 August
Comments Off on Is investing in a crowdfunding project right for you?

Is investing in a crowdfunding project right for you?

Is crowdfunding right for you?

Looking for a place to put your money in a cause you believe in? Interested in investing your money in a new business? Whatever you choose, crowdfunding is the vehicle for investment.

The hip-hop group De La Soul was recently involved in a monthlong campaign on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform and raised more than $600,000 from its fans. The goal was to help the group resurface and finish its new album, increase marketing, produce videos and set up tours.