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06 May
Comments Off on NSM Insurance Group launches new IFD Insurance for Dentists program

NSM Insurance Group launches new IFD Insurance for Dentists program

NSM Insurance Group, the national leader of industry-specific insurance program administration, announced the launch of the new Insurance for Dentists (IFD) program as an exclusive program with Monitor, an admitted A+ XV rated carrier.

NSM Insurance Group has been underwriting professional liability for dentists for more than 15 years. IFD Insurance for Dentists will continue to provide excellent customer service, expert underwriting, and superior coverages for all dental specialties and oral surgeons in practices of any sizes. Coverages include malpractice insurance, cyber liability, medical waste coverage, defense costs outside of the limit available, consent to settle, full prior acts coverage, new dentists credit and free tail at retirement. IFD Insurance for Dentists will also offer top-quality risk management tools to insureds through Omnisure.

The launch of our new IFD Insurance for Dentists program better positions us to provide unmatched, immediate service, flexible limit options and expert underwriting to help our partners expand their footprint in the professional liability market for dentists, said Brian DeGraw, Director of Professional Liability for NSM Insurance Group.

As with all of our programs at NSM Insurance Group, we provide value to our clients by offering premier products, coverage expertise, competitive pricing, and underwriting stability, Geof McKernan, CEO of NSM Insurance Group said. Our new exclusive IFD Insurance for Dentists program will allow us to maintain these attributes that are the cornerstone of our success in the marketplace and better serve our clients.

06 May
Comments Off on Some fruit trees require companions for pollination

Some fruit trees require companions for pollination

By John Ball

SDSU Extension Forestry Specialist

How many fruit trees do I need to plant to have fruit? This question comes up each year as people start thinking about planting fruit trees.

Most have heard that you need to plant two trees to have fruit, often assuming you need a boy tree and a girl tree. This is not quite correct. You do need two trees for producing many tree fruits, but it has nothing to do with gender.

Most fruit trees are neither male nor female. Their flowers contain the reproductive structures – stamens and pistils – for both sexes. These flowers are referred to as perfect.

However, the individual trees of some fruit tree species will not accept their own pollen, and for these, you do need two trees. These are called self-sterile fruit trees and include apple, pear and hybrid plum cultivars.

 To obtain fruit from self-sterile trees, you must plant two of them but they must be two different cultivars, not merely two different trees.

If you want fruit from a Haralson apple, for example, you have to plant another apple cultivar near it, ideally within 50 feet. Just having two Haralson apple trees will not result in apples, only flowers.

To further complicate the process, if you have a Haralson and a Haralred apple tree, you will still not receive fruit as the Haralred originated from the Haralson, so they are too closely related to pollinate one another. 

Two other popular apples, Fireside and Connell Red, share the same problem; they cannot pollinate one another.

Another challenge with selecting apple cultivars is the fact that you not only have to select two different and unrelated cultivars, but the trees must be blooming at the same time. For example, a “State Fair” apple tree, in which the fruit ripens in August, might be finished blooming before a Haralson tree begins to flower because its fruit ripens in early October.

Usually it is not a good idea to assume that an early-season apple will pollinate a late-season one.

Pears and hybrid plums bloom within a narrow time period, so the flowering of their many cultivars generally will overlap. However, some cultivars are better pollinators than others, and some trees do not produce viable pollen at all. 

One of the best pollinators for plums is Toka, and it is a good choice for any plum orchard. LaCresent and Superior are two popular plums, but these share a similar parentage and cannot be used to pollinate one another. 

Most pear cultivars are compatible with one another, the two exceptions being Gourmet and Luscious, which are pollen-sterile. This means that neither of these trees will serve as a pollen source but will accept pollen from another cultivar.  

Apricots generally are not self-sterile, but the two cultivars frequently planted in our region – Moongold and Sungold – must be planted together to ensure fruit production. The majority of other apricots are not self-sterile, but many are not hardy enough for our region.

 There are also fruit trees that are self-fruitful rather than self-sterile. These trees are able to pollinate themselves, so you need only one tree to have fruit set.

The fruit trees in our region that are self-fruitful include European plums and sour (pie) cherries.

06 May
Comments Off on State lawmakers struggle to get rural dentists more money

State lawmakers struggle to get rural dentists more money

“We have the lowest funding rates, especially in greater Minnesota … in the nation,” Rosen said Friday while Lourey’s committee heard about the provision. “It is a serious problem in Greater Minnesota where we have more and more people using the emergency department for relief.”

ER visits cost much more than routine appointments that can prevent emergency care. Medical Assistance paid $149 million for emergency room visits related to dental problems last year.

Adding to the problem is the rapid retirement of dentists who take Medical Assistance patients, leaving gaps around Greater Minnesota. In some cases, patients are forced to drive for hours to the Twin Cities, where Rosen said dental patients are well served.

05 May
Comments Off on States could force Catholic priests to perform same-sex ‘marriages’ or lose …

States could force Catholic priests to perform same-sex ‘marriages’ or lose …

WASHINGTON, DC, April 29, 2015, ( If the Supreme Court rules that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, one justice has said that the government could force clergy of all denominations to perform gay weddings or lose the ability to officiate any state-sanctioned marriage.

On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges, the case that will decide whether the Constitution forbids states from upholding marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Among the exchanges, Justice Antonin Scalia repeatedly noted that if the High Court finds same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, then priests, ministers, rabbis, and imams will be required to perform such ceremonies regardless of their religious beliefs or face state penalties.

Justice Scalia repeatedly suggested that once a constitutional right to marry by same-sex couples was enshrined by the court, a member of the clergy could not be given civil marriage powers by the state unless he agreed to perform any and all marriages that the nation legally recognizes.

Every state allows ministers to marry people, and their marriages are effective under state law, Scalia said. That will not be the case if, indeed, we hold, as a constitutional matter, that the state must marry two men.

As it stands, most clergy serve a dual role, celebrating church nuptials but also signing legal documents allowing the state to legally recognize that marriage. But if they refuse to conduct same-sex rituals, government officials may strip clergy of their state legal standing, rendering their marriages legally invalid in the eyes of the state government.

He said he was reticent to give the power to compel someone to violate his conscience to the State. Im concerned about the wisdom of this court imposing through the Constitution a requirement of action which is unpalatable to many of our citizens for religious reasons, Scalia said. He noted that most religious denominations are not likely to change their view about what marriage consists of.

Justice Scalia noted the key difference between state laws, which can make exceptions for religious beliefs, and finding a right to gay marriage in the Constitution, which would allow no exceptions. Were the states to [redefine marriage] by law, they could make exceptions to what is required for same-sex marriage, who has to honor it, and so forth. But once its made a matter of constitutional law…is it conceivable that a minister who is authorized by the state to conduct marriage can decline to marry two men? Is it conceivable that that would be allowed?

His question was rebuffed by some of the courts liberal justices, who pointed to the free exercise of religion clause in the Bill of Rights but it was not answered.

Unsatisfied, Justice Scalia continued to explain that same-sex marriage bans in the states are laws. They are not constitutional requirements. If you let the states [redefine marriage], you can make a [religious] exception. The state can say, Yes, two men can marry but ministers who do not believe in same-sex marriage will still be authorized to conduct marriages on behalf of the state. You cant do that once it is a constitutional proscription.

A devout Roman Catholic, Scalia said that no religious exception can be allowed for a constitutional right. A minister is not given the states power, unless he agrees to use that power in accordance with the Constitution. You cant appoint people who will then go ahead and violate the Constitution.

I dont see how you could possibly allow that minister to say, I will only marry a man and a woman. I will not marry two men, Scalia said.

I dont see any answer to that, the justice said. I really dont.

He also drew a subtle but clear attention to the fact that the ultimate impact would be to favor liberal denominations, like the Episcopal Church, over traditional ones like the Roman Catholic Church. You could have ministers who conduct real marriages that are civilly enforceable at the National Cathedral, but not at St. Matthews downtown, because that minister refuses to marry two men, and therefore, cannot be given the state power to make a real state marriage.

Click like if you want to defend true marriage.

The Weekly Standards Stephen Hayes told Fox News Bret Baier that a ruling in favor of same-sex marriage would leave religious liberties vulnerable.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, told Todd Starnes its now open season on Americans who refuse to bow to the governments redefinition of marriage.

Many Christian leaders are concerned that if the Supreme Court finds same-sex marriage a constitutional right, they will be forced to disobey federal law and, like the civil rights protesters of the 1960s, accept the legal consequences that follow.

Such a scenario is not new. In 2014, two Christian ministers who own an Idaho wedding chapel were told they had to either perform same-sex weddings or face a 180-day jail sentence and a $1,000 a day fine. The ministers sued and won, this time.

The other side insisted this would never happen that pastors would not have to perform same-sex marriages, Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jeremy Tedesco said. The reality is its already happening.

05 May
Comments Off on Mobile dentists offer free dental work for veterans

Mobile dentists offer free dental work for veterans


The Aspen Dental Mouth Mobile arrived in Nashville this week to provide free dental care to veterans.

Marcus Michael spent three years with the 82nd Airborne. He said he was grateful for the dentists generosity.

I thank God for the folks who come here to give that service, Michael said. I used to think that they didnt care about veterans. I used to think that we were the last people on the totem pole. But today it tells me its different.

It wasnt just a quick cleaning. Dr. David Elrod is set to do whatever is necessary to offset years of neglect.

Were trying to change that, Elrod said. We know how much impact a healthy mouth makes on somebodys overall health, so we want to change that.

The Aspen Dental Mouth Mobile is on a 28-city tour. The dentists who do the work said the veterans are modest and thankful.

When they come in, might be a little nervous. But when they leave, theyre all smiles, Elrod said.

Nashvilles branch of Operation Stand Down also plays an important role in helping veterans. That group helped get the word out to veterans in Middle Tennessee who might be in need of some free dental work.

Copyright 2015 WSMV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

05 May
Comments Off on Ohio State football night games set for 2015

Ohio State football night games set for 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio States primetime schedule for 2015 will include four night games, the Buckeyes announced Thursday.

Ohio State will host Penn State on Oct. 17 and Minnesota on Nov. 7 at night, and play at night on the road at Rutgers on Oct. 24.

It was previously known that Ohio States season opener at Virginia Techon Labor Day Monday on Sept. 7 would be at night. That gametime has not been announced yet, but when the schools agreed in 2013 to move this game to Monday, it was known it would be part of the regular ESPN/ABC night game featuring an ACC team.

Urban Meyer is a major proponent of night games, and the Buckeyes will have quite a stretch with this schedule. They will play three straight night games, with a bye week in between, from Oct. 17 to Nov. 7.

The Big Ten Network previously announced its primetime games for 2015 and the Buckeyes did not have a night game on that network.

Ohio State is 46-25 in night games, including a 12-4 record at Ohio Stadium.

The Buckeyes never played more than one night game at home in a season before 2013. Then in 2013, the Buckeyes played two, last year they played three and 2015 will feature two night home games.

Ohio States 2015 schedule

Sept. 7 – at Virginia Tech (primetime TBD, ABC/ESPN)

Sept. 12 – Hawaii

Sept. 19 – Northern Illinois

Sept. 26 – Western Michigan

Oct. 3 – at Indiana

Oct. 10 – Maryland

Oct. 17 – Penn State (8 pm, ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)

Oct. 24 – at Rutgers (8 p.m, ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)

Oct. 31 – Off

Nov. 7 – Minnesota (7 or 8, ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)

Nov. 14 – at Illinois

Nov. 21 – Michigan State

Nov. 28 – at Michigan

Dec. 5 – Big Ten Championship

05 May
Comments Off on Tor Browser 4.5 released, comes with various enhancements

Tor Browser 4.5 released, comes with various enhancements

  • SC Magazine
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  • Tor Browser 4.5 released, comes with various enhancements
05 May
Comments Off on New pension rules will push doctors and dentists to retire early

New pension rules will push doctors and dentists to retire early

According to Bishop Fleming, an accountancy firm which specializes in medical professionals financial affairs, the reduction of the lifetime pensions limit from £1.25m to £1m in 2016 will persuade thousands of GPs, consultants, and dentists to take early retirement, leaving the NHS short of crucial staff.

05 May
Comments Off on From the heart: dentists make giving part of their job

From the heart: dentists make giving part of their job

Since 2008, the dentists at Sala Family Dentistry have opened their clinic doors to the public one day each November, inviting people in need to get a filling, a cleaning or an extraction done for free.

Over the years, Dr. Jason Sala and Dr. Todd Sala and the clinics other dentists and employees have donated more than $600,000 in the community, and treated more than 660 needy patients.

They also have a Sala Stars program that helps people suggested by the clinics regular patients. Tack on another 18 or so people who have benefited.

This spring, the dentists are adding another 35 or so to their giving list by offering free dental work to US military veterans and local first responders in need. With suggestions from veterans organizations and others, the dentists have lined up this years recipients for the May 8 event, but they hope to hold Smiles for Freedom annually, like the November Free Day of Dentistry, which handles about 120 patients each year on a first-come, first-served basis.

We love what we do, Todd Sala said, talking about the profession in general and the assistance days, as well.

The November Free Day of Dentistry is with through the nonprofit Dentistry From the Heart organization.

We do it then because it kicks off the giving season, Jason Sala said. Thats why we chose November.

Smiles For Freedom, meanwhile, came up as a way to say thank you, said Kandice Simpkins, a dental hygienist at the clinic and the event coordinator. The clinic will provide diagnostic services, cleanings, fillings, extractions and possibly other dental services. Patients for this event will be treated only by appointment. Clinic employees volunteer their time for the day.

We got word out through some military connections, veterans groups and word of mouth, she said. The response was awesome.

Because the practice will serve fewer clients on Smiles for Freedom Day, and because clients are pre-selected, the dentists can spend more time with each than they do with those who attend Free Day of Dentistry in November, Simpkins said.

The dental clinic staff members volunteer their time for the events.

Dr. Michael Sala, Todd and Jasons father, founded the practice in Reno in 1974.

I joined in 2003 and Todd in 2004, Jason Sala said.

04 May
Comments Off on Validity of Common-Law Marriages