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28 February
Comments Off on Why California Resources Corporation (CRC) Stock Was Up 10% Today

Why California Resources Corporation (CRC) Stock Was Up 10% Today

Although we dont believe in timing the market or panicking over market movements, we do like to keep an eye on big changes — just in case theyre material to our investing thesis.

What: California Resources Corp.  (NYSE: CRC) stock jumped as much as 11% in early trading on Friday, before settling closer to a 10% gain as of 12:15 pm EST. The recent spinoff of Occidental Petroleum Corp.  (NYSE: OXY) reported its first quarterly results as an independent company after the market close yesterday. The stock had fallen as much as 56% from the post-spinoff peak, to the low in late January:

CRC data by YCharts

So what: It looks like the market is pleased with the overall results, despite a whopping $2.1 billion net loss in the quarter. However, that net loss was largely due to the drop in oil prices forcing the company to take a noncash impairment on the value of its oil reserves, and not any actual cash loss. The company did incur losses related to terminating rig contracts and some spinoff items, but the overall result wasnt really bad, especially considering the current oil market. 

Now what: The company operated as many as 27 drilling rigs in November, but has moved swiftly to cut drilling activity, with only three rigs in operation today. Management said the California-only operator would keep oil production flat in 2015, and that it would be able to live within our cash flows and will use this period of reduced activity to grow our inventory of available future projects. … In the meantime, our low-decline and predictable asset base is capable of generating significant and sufficient cash flow in the current commodity price environment.

It appears the market is responding to that statement as much as anything. Going forward, the company seems well positioned to weather the current oil price environment, as well as to take advantage of strategic opportunities once oil prices recover, but investors should remember that it only operates within California, which means a potentially tighter regulatory environment and fewer ways to grow over time. 

28 February
Comments Off on Why Exact Sciences Corporation Burst Today

Why Exact Sciences Corporation Burst Today

Although we dont believe in timing the market or panicking over market movements, we do like to keep an eye on big changes — just in case theyre material to our investing thesis.

What: Shares in Exact Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: EXAS) fell by more than 10% earlier today after the company reported fourth quarter financial results this morning.

28 February
Comments Off on Mangum upbeat about college of engineering, FAMU’s mission

Mangum upbeat about college of engineering, FAMU’s mission

Two days before the Florida Board of Governors is expected to vote on a proposal that would keep the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering in place, FAMU President Elmira Mangum endorsed the plan.

In a Qamp;A session following her luncheon speech before Leadership Tallahassee, Mangum, said, We want our partnership to grow. Being competitive requires an investment. FSU, just like FAMU, is looking for that investment.

When the Board of Governors meets Thursday at Tallahassee Community College, members are likely to vote on an action plan from Chancellor Marshall Criser that would keep the college as a joint venture, but with some new stipulations.

28 February
Comments Off on York College debunks study that says it, 3 other Pa. schools are among most …

York College debunks study that says it, 3 other Pa. schools are among most …

Updated, 5 pm Tuesday

EDITORS NOTE: The firm that conducted this study sent an email out late Tuesday afternoon noting that it had identified an error in the analysis of the data used in this report. The email the research firm sent out explained the error this way: First, we included all reported crimes from 2005-2012, not just 2012. Second, we counted the total number of unique types of crime at unique locations, rather than the raw number of incidences. For example, a school with one incident at each of five locations ended up receiving a more dangerous ranking than a school with 10 incidences at one location. This means that schools where crimes were committed at a wide variety of locations (ex: off-campus, on-campus, private property, etc.) and had a large number of crime types (ex: burglary, assault, etc.) were listed as the most dangerous, regardless of the total number of incidences. It is assembling new rankings. PennLive will post as soon as it receives them.

York College officials are refuting a recent report that ranks the institution among the 25 most dangerous in the country., a California-based data research firm, compiled the list which puts York College at No. 19and Pennsylvania schools Widener University at No. 15, Pennsylvania College of Technology at No. 14 and Clarion University of Pennsylvania at No. 5.

We cannot figure out how they got their data, said Mary Dolheimer, assistant dean for the York College Office of Communications.

The other Pennsylvania schools have not released statements on their rankings.

Questions about FindTheBests methodology have gone unanswered. A call to the companys press line was met with a message saying it was not a working number. Emails to the company were also returned, citing invalid addresses.

Alabama Aamp;M University President Andrew Hugine Jr. also blasted the report, which ranked his school No. 2 on the list.

Let me say emphatically that the report is inaccurate, misleading, headline sensationalism and based on a flawed methodology, he said in a statement.

To get accurate numbers or a true picture of crime on campus, statistics can be found on both a US Department of Education websiteand York College crimelog, said Ed Bruder, director of York College Campus Safety.

Schools are required to submit campus crime reports annually to the Department of Educations Office of Postsecondary Educations Campus Safety and Security.

The data is submitted for one calendar year, so it was a red flag for Bruder when FindTheBest used data from 2012-2013, he said.

The stats simply dont exist in that form, Bruder said.

In 2013, seven criminal offenses occurred on York Colleges campus, including two forcible sex offenses, one robbery, three burglaries and one motor vehicle theft.

Thats down from eight criminal offenses in 2012 and 10 criminal offenses in 2011, according to the Department of Education website.

On the site, York Colleges enrollment is listed as 5,250 students.

By comparison, smaller colleges in the area had a higher number of criminal offenses.

For example, Franklin amp; Marshall in Lancaster had 2,297 students and 46 criminal offenses in 2013.

And Gettysburg College had 2,524 students and 13 criminal offenses in 2013, according to the Department of Education website.

The site also shows liquor law and drug abuse violations decreased at York College.

In 2013, the college had 237 liquor law violations, compared to 330 in 2012 and 477 in 2011.

Minor drug offenses also decreased to 65 in 2013, compared to 68 in 2012 and 74 in 2011.

York College is considered a dry campus, but for one residence hall.

Anyone at any age who drinks alcohol in a dry dorm breaks college policy, but it only violates state law if they are younger than 21.

Do the makers of the report consider underage drinking or being caught with small amounts of marijuana violent crimes? Do they think that makes a college a dangerous place? Its not clear, Bruder said.

While the campus police log shows a higher number of incidents in January and February, its important to note that the log lists all calls taken by campus police – even if theyre not criminal in nature.

The (FindTheBest) data is clearly taken out of context, Dolheimer said. Its a poorly conducted study that doesnt have a lot of merit behind it.

York College definitely rejects the report, she said.

Were not saying we have a perfect track record, but weve made significant improvements in campus safety and lowered the crime rate in the last couple years, Dolheimer said.

Campus security has been a priority and will continue to be a priority, she said.

The study, despite its shortcomings, continues to put a focus on this issue, Dolheimer said.

Campus safety handles minor nuisances, disorderly conduct, vandalism and similar offenses. If there are any misdemeanors or felonies, the college brings in nearby Spring Garden or York City police departments, Bruder said.

We have a very safe campus. I know for certain we are nowhere near the top 25. Anyone who takes five minutes to do the research can pick that up, he said.

28 February
Comments Off on Five Questions for LaVerne Evans Srinivasan

Five Questions for LaVerne Evans Srinivasan

LaVerne Evans Srinivasan, the new Vice President of Education Programs at Carnegie Corporation of New York, speaks with Deanna Lee, the Corporations Chief Communications and Digital Strategies Officer, about finding inspiration and innovation.

You have held many interesting jobs ranging from general counsel of a major record label to deputy chancellor of the New York City Department of Education. What brings you to this moment at Carnegie Corporation?

There has always been a very strong focus on the importance of education in my family. My great-grandparents were educators and my father was a professor, a practicing physician, and a pioneer in the field of ultrasound. My familys focus on excellence and education had a profound impact on my values and career. That, coupled with my academic and professional experiences over the years, has reaffirmed my desire to work on education reform for the benefit of all children. My career experiences give me a diverse perspective on the work of our grantees and our role as a funder in catalyzing and supporting change in education. I feel honored to be leading Carnegie Corporations education programs.

After graduating from Harvard Law School, you ended up with big jobs as legal counsel for Sony Music and then BMG Entertainment. How does that tie in with your work today?

Ive always been fascinated with systems, people, and large-scale change. When I was in the music industry, Napster came on the scene, and technology was beginning to have an impact on the field. We had to think about how the music industry was going to respond to the Internet, and how we should think differently about our work and our customers. So I had an opportunity to learn about how a field responds to change.

How did this prepare you to become a deputy chancellor?

When I transitioned into education at the New York City Department of Education, the first thing that struck me was how critically important people were, from teachers to school leaders, in terms of having an impact on student outcomes. We needed ways to better prepare them, support them, and to identify and cultivate more talent throughout the system. A significant piece of my work was focused on what we now refer to as human capital, or the people side of the education system, which became the signature for much of the time that Ive worked in education. I had also come from a highly decentralized global company and had a keen understanding of how to work effectively with people across cultures to drive systemic change.

You came to Carnegie Corporation initially as program director for, appropriately, teaching and human capital. How do you see yourself fitting in here?

This is the perfect place for me because I have a background in understanding how organizations work and function, and how urban public education functions, based on my varied and deep engagement in the education sector. The Corporation has a long history as a standard-bearer of excellence and equity in education, and I look forward to upholding those commitments. We have a passionate and dedicated team in Education Programs and I am excited to work with them to expand opportunity for all students through systemic improvement of our educational system.

So often now, all we hear about are the negative things going on in education. What are your hopes for the future, what enables you to be so optimistic?

What drives me is the sense of possibility that we can make a difference for every kid in this country. And the reason that I have optimism is that every day I see examples of innovative thinking, continuous and data-driven enhancement programs that are serving some students very well, and grantees that are committed to the goal of improving education for every child in this country. For example, even with the implementation challenges of higher standards, there is an opportunity to maintain high expectations for all students. And the focus on STEM teaching and learning remains strong.

Learn more about Carnegie Corporation of New Yorks work in education here.

28 February
Comments Off on Final 2015 NBA Trade Deadline Shopping List for the Philadelphia 76ers

Final 2015 NBA Trade Deadline Shopping List for the Philadelphia 76ers

Milk? Check. Eggs? Check.NBAtrade deadline? Coming on February 19.

Examining the final shopping list for thePhiladelphia 76ersis incredibly important as the crucial date approaches.

And the Sixers will likely find themselves in a unique situation this year. Theres a significant contrast between last year and the 2014-15 season.

Philly was one of the most active teams during the 2013-14 deadline, as it successfully moved players likeEvan TurnerandSpencer Hawes. Each carried a solid amount of value and was likely on the way out of Philadelphia sooner rather than later.

The Sixers are currently so bad that they dont have the same kind of important targets. Its going to make completing any kind of major deal incredibly difficult. This will likely lead to a number of smaller trades that wont seem to make much of a difference now yet could potentially pay off down the road.

It will certainly make for an interesting day.

There isnt much like theNBAtrade deadline.

Philadelphia is definitely in a stranger situation this season, but dont expect to see the Sixers fail to make deals as long as general manager Sam Hinkie is still in charge.

Heres a look at the franchises final shopping list for the February 19 deadline.

27 February
Comments Off on ‘Dashboard’ ready to help corporation drive projects

‘Dashboard’ ready to help corporation drive projects

CHENNAI: The city will be the first in India to have a dashboard on the lines of London and New York for its civic officers to monitor public work effectively. Corporation of Chennai will inaugurate the system this week.

The new system will map all roads, pavements, bridges and public toilets, with details of the contractor assigned. The system also ensures systemic evaluation of civic officials based on key performance indicators. It will also help meet deadlines and hold contractors responsible for delay, said an official.

The dashboard acts as a common information base across departments on a single platform. Now we do not have a clear strategy because of lack of documentation. Many officials are confused about how to start and, once they do, how to proceed. The new system will make the job easier for junior engineers and revenue inspectors. It will have details of their responsibilities and allow senior officials to give instructions, said a corporation official.

27 February
Comments Off on 10 Classic Companions Who Deserve A Return

10 Classic Companions Who Deserve A Return

Guest contributor Zach Guida selects his top picks for a comeback.

One rule in the Doctor Who universe is that you keep going forward, never looking back. With the 50th anniversary celebration well over with, Moffat is therefore doing what anyone else would do: keep moving the show in a new direction. However, the return of Sarah Jane and K9 in Series 2 brought a connection between the revived series and the classic one. The most famous face to stand beside the Doctor returned and it was a joy.

Why past companions are not brought back is because often their stories are more or less done with. Their characters moved on with their own lives, made a difference somehow. But if we could just take a moment and dream about another “What if scenario. So here follows my top 10 classic companions who deserve a return.

Author’s Note: As I have not completed the Big Finish collection, only the televised episodes of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures will be considered canon.

10. Ian amp; Barbara Chesterton

Now before you ask why this pair are so low on the list, put into consideration that Jacqueline Hill has sadly passed away and William Russell looks nothing like he used to. Even with the quote in The Sarah Jane Adventures about how there was a rumour they were still young and immortal, the BBC would have to re-cast them like they did to Hartnell in The Five Doctors. It would be very unlikely that they would do that for a modern version of the show. Ian and Barbara left the TARDIS after feeling it was enough. They ended up going back to Coal Hill to teach. What next? Ian is now Chairman of the Governors at the school, but what of Barbara? With Clara still on Team TARDIS, the possibility of them (or at least Ian) joining in for another Caretaker-esque story intrigues me.

9. Grace Holloway

The TV Movie was average in my opinion. There were a couple of things they got right (Paul McGann, the gothic interior of the TARDIS) and there were a few things that they got wrong (The Master, the Eye of Harmony plot, The Master, the Victorian outfit for 8, the Master). When it came to Grace, I’m still, to this day, undecided on her. There wasn’t enough of a focus for me to, even to this day, make a decision on whether I like her or not. She didn’t get that pazazz like the companions before, or even after her. Companions get introduced, get some episodes all about them, and then continue for a few more series/seasons. Daphne Ashbrook had under 2 hours to get us to like her. To me, that wasn’t enough. Especially if she wanted us to enjoy her as we did with Sarah Jane or Jo Grant. A single episode of the Doctor returning to LA and meeting up with Grace just once more, might help. A Weeping Angel story anyone?

8. Mel Bush

To me, Mel was never introduced properly. She was the River Song of the Classic era. She knew the Doctor, before he even met her. They didn’t even have an introductory episode for her. She was just sort of… there! Bonnie Langford only lasted 6 Serials or 20 episodes in total. That to me, isn’t very long. She had a lot of potential. Bringing back Mel would be easy. Her last episode saw her running off with a space pirate Sabalom Glitz, there in space, travelling on a ship. Easy pickings for the Doctor, even if he ended up on the ship by mistake.

7. Peri Brown

What could be worse than watching your companion die and then later find out she’s alive and married an alien king? Rose, Donna, and Amy But that’s an argument for another time. Even though Peri was added to create sex appeal with her revealing outfits and girlish attitude, her character eventually matured as the infamous production hiatus ended and they shifted her character to meet standards for the companions. Nicola Bryant still very much looks like her 80s self and could very well come back and do an episode. The Doctor could very well wind-up on Thoros Alpha and save her from a marriage she may or may not have wanted.

6. Tegan Jovanka

Janet Fielding is the longest-serving companion (continuously) of the show’s history by 3 years and 1 month. Tegan served under two Doctors and had numerous well-written stories. She is perhaps one my favourite classic companions and reminds me a bit of Donna. She was there for the Doctor and was always at his side, even if the evidence pointed against him. Tegan would be perfect to bring back, especially if they wanted to re-introduce the Mara into modern Who. She was in both serials that the Mara was in and would be perfect to complete a trilogy.

5. Leela

Possibly one of the more argumental and controversial choices on my list. Leela is of course on Gallifrey at her departure in the show. With the Time War, she might as well be dead. How could anyone, even a non-Gallifreyan survive that? Bringing Leela back would take careful planning and consideration. A Dalek war camp perhaps? A post-Time War story when/if Gallifrey is brought back by the Doctor? Who knows? But Leela deserves to come back, especially to let us know if she survived.

4. Ace

Ace was a tough choice putting her this high on my list. She was the last classic companion for an episodic run. She was never given a end story, until The Sarah Jane Adventures where it was briefly mentioned that she formed a group called A Charitable Earth (Get it… ACE.) and raised millions. Even with this information, we could still bring her back. I just wish we could have explored her character more before the BBC cancelled the series. We didn’t even get a mention in the TV Movie. Ace could very well be brought back, especially if it’s a Dalek episode. I’d love to see the good old bazooka come back.

3. Romana

How I was hoping Michelle Gomez was playing Romana. It seemed like the perfect choice. Romana is clearly wanted and one of the more popular fan favourites. Her story arc moved, and we had a companion who could finally regenerate. This proved to be an extra bonus to the story arcs that the writers could play with. When an actress (Mary Tamm) wanted to leave, they could easily bring in a new one (Lalla Ward) and still have that same character. With her departure into E-Space with K9, I wonder if she ever found her way out, especially with the Time War. Would the Daleks have gotten that far? Would the Time War have raged that far? An interesting idea for a possibly interesting episode.

2. Jamie McCrimmon

Possibly the most famous male companion of the series next to Ian and Rory. Jamie was that best bud to the 2nd Doctor and inseparable they were. His character was deep with a well-written personality and a morals. He even questioned the Time Lords in The War Games. His character was cut short when the Time Lords sent him back to his time zone after decided the Doctor needed to be forced into exile. The Doctor could easily land back into his time and place and give him a good old visit. We all would like to see that best bud with the kilt again.

1. Susan Foreman

I bet you were all expecting this one. If not, shame on you. It’s clearly obvious why it needs to be done. Her character was left on a cliffhanger of sorts; she was a grown-up woman and the Doctor no longer thought that he needed to protect her. She was clearly in love and a new man would be able to do that. The Doctor gave one of the most famous speeches in the show’s history as he departed, claiming he would be back one day, only until she was able to prove something. With Capaldi being an older Doctor, especially around Hartnell’s age, it would make perfect sense to stop by the 22nd century and visit his granddaughter. One day I guess. One day

27 February
Comments Off on Weekly Forecast: 15th Feb to 21st Feb 2015

Weekly Forecast: 15th Feb to 21st Feb 2015

Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : If you are fresh out of college and seeking a job, the chances of this week throwing up a suitable opportunity are bright. Be prepared to take on challenges. You will have to work very sincerely to prove your credentials, before you gain a foothold in your office. If you are in a stable job, routine work shall keep you busy. In fact, you may have to work much harder in order to meet all your deadlines. Freelancers may get well-paying projects, while businessmen can take steps to boost their earnings. Those engaged in automobile industry may not have a very encouraging time. People in the service industry shall have a prosperous week, though. A major shift in planetary positions towards the weekend portend well for you.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : Ganesha foresees that there shall be a positive change in the planetary positions in your charts, which indicate that there shall be positive developments in your life too. In spite of making steady progress, a gnawing feeling of dissatisfaction over one thing or the other is likely to continue even now. You could be looking for some exciting monetary gains, and shall be willing to explore new avenues for the purpose. But avoid doing anything in haste, as there is a strong possibility that you may miss out on some good opportunities, while hurrying through with others. Avoid short cuts for making quick gains, if you can. At work, you shall continue to perform well, and your bosses are likely to be happy with your dedication. You shall be happy with your co-workers.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Ganesha foresees major changes in planetary positions which shall influence you positively. These changes shall enable you to take a more refreshing approach in matters related to your occupation and personal life. There shall be no indecisiveness any more, as the time is ripe to take firm decisions. Businessmen might strike some profitable deals, which shall make them financially stable. This week is an ideal period for singles looking forward to an enjoyable romantic life. You may be inclined to take practical steps towards resolving problems, which may have been disturbing your marital life and domestic realm in the early stages of the week. You shall now be more attentive about your career and money matters. On the health front, you may feel comfortable, as you shall feel fit and fine.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : Ganesha foretells that on the career front, the week could be a routine affair, as nothing noticeable is likely to happen. Around Thursday, however, a new Moon will start evolving, giving you a better perspective of life and making you think positively. Over the weekend, the planetary configurations may bring about visible changes in your workplace behaviour, perspective and image. The influence of benevolent Jupiter over Venus and Mars will also work towards channelising the energy of Mars in the right direction. Consequently, progress in matters related to occupation is assured. This is a good time to take a break and head for a vacation with your family, possibly over the weekend. This break is important for you and for your loved ones, who may have recently spent very little time with you.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : In the initial phase of this week, things may seem to be a bit gloomy, but they will take a positive turn from around the middle of the week. The planetary positions will change for the better, and enable you to adopt a fresher approach in all spheres, which in turn will guide you towards the right direction in life. Businessmen shall now be able to overcome roadblocks, and take concrete steps towards higher growth with renewed vigour. Those pursuing a job shall take on new challenges successfully. This shall also make your case stronger, if you’re in line for a promotion. Later in the week, you may be inclined to add comforts to your household, in order to please your family members. And, the purpose shall be served quite well.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : The planetary configurations this week suggest that you shall be in a very intuitive mood, and you shall feel motivated to review the direction which your life is taking. With both Sun and Jupiter in exchange with each other, you could now be more passionate in your relationship with your life partner. Professional matters are likely to be pressing and will keep you preoccupied. You may have to shoulder more responsibility at workplace, but it will be a while before the pressure starts easing again. In fact, it is during this time that your efficiency and multi-tasking skills will be tested. Your efforts will be appropriately rewarded, and it will also raise your social prestige. However, Ganesha advises you not to boast about your achievements.

Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : Be prepared to face some ups and downs this week, says Ganesha. The waning Moon could make you feel low as the week begins. However, later in the week positive changes will start happening on all fronts. You will then gain clarity about the direction in which to propel your life. Over the weekend, Mars will enter its own Sign Aries, along with Venus. This too may help you organise your efforts, making you more efficient. Professionals shall be better equipped to give an improved performance. As for businessmen, you shall be able to overcome roadblocks and inch closer to your goals. Married couples shall experience a rather peaceful phase now, as both you and your partner will be accommodative, avoiding unnecessary arguments.

Scorpio ( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : There shall be a number of planetary movements taking place this week. Many of them will be favourable, feels Ganesha. If you have been looking for a job change, this is a good time to start applying, as you will most certainly get a positive response in the form of interview calls. If you wish to continue with your existing job, there is a possibility that you will have to shoulder more responsibility. These, of course, will have their own challenges, and you will have to put in extra efforts to prove your mettle. Over the weekend, the ruler of your Sign Mars will enter its other Sign signifying positive action. Aries and Venus too will follow course the next day. All these changes will have a positive impact on your endeavours aimed at achieving higher growth.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : The cosmos will lend you support in your career progress this week, feels Ganesha. The first change comes in the form of the waning Moon, which ends, giving way to a new Moon. Around the same time, the Sun will enter the spiritual, gentle and submissive Pisces. These movements are significant, given that you look set to have a very busy work schedule, and will need proper guidance. It is here that the stars will come to your aid, guiding you through the maze of hurdles. Relationships with superiors will be cordial; this will keep you motivated and focused at work. For traders, this is a good time for clearing old stock and making new purchases. Domestic matters will need your complete attention. Students may find it hard to concentrate.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : You are likely to be bothered about money and family related matters in the initial stages of the week, and as a result, you may feel a bit low with the way things are moving. However, things are likely to start changing from Thursday. The new Moon will start coming into effect, and the Sun will enter the mystic and passive Sign of Pisces. With both the luminaries in a watery Sign, the stagnancy you experienced earlier shall begin to vanish now. Businessmen shall be able to push things ahead, as planned earlier. Those dealing in consumer durables and food products, including grains, shall have a good time. Other planetary movements will also favour you, as they shall make you more decisive, and help you become more positive and result-oriented.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : This week, Ganesha foresees that you will become more positive in your outlook, and even when you are surrounded by negativities, you will try to look at the silver lining. You may expect this to be an action-packed phase, and there may be major changes in your life. You will now be in a much better position to take decisions. And, to give further push to result-oriented action, Mars will enter its own Sign Aries, followed by Venus. This movement of the planets will energise you, pushing you to work more efficiently, with renewed vigour. Jupiter, which will be placed in Leo, will exert its influence on both Mars and Venus. This influence will also work well in channelising the energy of Mars positively. Freshers may expect a positive response from a prospective employer.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : Ganesha foresees that this week the planetary configurations indicate that there shall be a distinct change in your approach to work and life. A period of positivity, clarity and enhanced motivation will begin around mid-week, and you shall be able to get back to a high-growth trajectory. However, with Saturn placed in the 10th House from your Sign, you may be tempted to look for immediate monetary gains, maybe even by taking advantage of some loophole in the law. But the ruler of your Sign Jupiter will aspect Saturn placed in the 10th House, which will help you resist this temptation for your own betterment. You will, thus, remain focused on the task which you are doing. Moreover, you shall also send out the positive vibes to others around you.

27 February
Comments Off on What’s in her shopping bag?

What’s in her shopping bag?

Betty Fords loneliness was so profound that it produced a rehab center that has become the cultural shorthand for drunken wife. And former Virginia first lady Maureen McDonnell will spend a year and a day in prison because she tried to fill her empty life with luxury items from a lobbyist.

But we may have hit a new low when it comes to tormenting the spouses of powerful and ambitious men: picking through their purchases.

The Washington Post has published an accounting of years-old spending sprees by Jeb Bushs wife, Columba, including re-telling the story of how she lied to customs officials about the value of the clothing and jewelry she bought on a shopping trip to Paris. In 1999. More than 15 years ago.