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28 April

New Web Series ‘Halal in the Family’ Pokes Fun at Stereotypes Muslims Face

A new web series has all the makings of a typical American sitcom: An upbeat opening song paired with smiling faces of a family of four, a dad who gets himself into trouble and a mom who will kiss him square on the lips nonetheless — to the chagrin of their teenage children.

But the theme song of Halal in the Family, a parody show about the stereotypes Muslims face, is a bit more edgy than those of Full House or Family Matters.

Were just an ordinary family living in your town. We like monster trucks and football even though were brown, a stanza of the tune that opens Halal in the Family declares. The rest of each six-minute episode, centered around the Quosby family, sends the same message in the same lighthearted tone.

Its satirizing, you know, a lot of the Islamophobia, and the racism and the bigotry that I think that a lot of American Muslims deal with, said Aasif Mandvi, the creator, writer and lead actor on the show.

Mandvi and his writing partner, Miles Kahn, developed the idea from a sketch they once wrote for the Daily Show. They met with Muslim organizations and other advocacy groups to get ideas about what issues should be worked into their first four episodes, which can be found on their website, and on Funny or Die.

Mandvi admits that hes not trying to completely wipe out prejudice, calling that goal a fools errand, but he hopes to get people thinking and talking. Kahn agreed. I feel like if you can get people laughing then you can get people talking. If you get people talking, maybe you can solve some problems or at least get them out in the air.

Each episode focuses on a specific issue that Muslim Americans face, but the jokes arent limited to those that might teach a lesson.

In an episode titled BULLY, the female teenage character faces a cyber-bully, who photo shops a picture of the Quosby teen to show her wearing a turban. Her dad, played by Mandvi, invites the bully over to lecture her about accuracy in her harassment. If youre going to stereotype us at least get it right. We dont wear turbans, he says.

Mandvi and Kahn said they realize that their material might offend some people, but they think a greater amount of people will find the show funny, and hopefully learn something from it.

I think if youre going to be funny, youre going to offend somebody at some point, if youre really going to try to be funny, Mandvi said.

And hes not worried about exacerbating various stereotypes about Muslims.

I mean, I dont know how wed make the problem worse, he said. Its pretty bad.


— Anne Thompson, Kori Lynch and Elisha Fieldstadt

28 April

10 Games I Want To Play On The Apple Watch

One of my favourite mobile match puzzle battle games gets a wrist-based companion app with the release of the Apple Watch. Send one of the games characters on mildly interactive adventures throughout the world of Minutia, bringing back treasures to the main game that can be used to upgrade its insect warriors.

Why I want to play: Best Fiends is an awesome game, but its also pretty challenging. My bug warriors can use all the help they can get.


27 April

8 money-saving car insurance moves for spring

Take a look at these eight smart money moves that can help you trim your car insurance bill. (Shutterstock)

Editors note:This article first appeared on and is reprinted here with their permission. Clickherefor the original post.

Spring is here and 2015 is well underway. If youre like many Americans, you want to cut back on your costs this yeara Nielsen survey found the top resolution for one-quarter of consumers was saving more and spending less in 2015.

As you organize your household for Spring, take time to review your car insurance policy and your driving habits to see where you can cut costs.

27 April

Younger Drivers More Likely to See Car Insurance Rates Rise after a Ticket


By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Insurance Weekly News — Only 19% of Americans who received a traffic ticket in the past five years are paying more for car insurance as a result, according to This is a decrease from 2013 when 31% of Americans who received a recent traffic ticket saw an increase in their car insurance premium.

Insurers typically dont know as much about you as you might think, said

Laura Adams, senior industry analyst for Oftentimes, unless youre a young driver, they are unaware of minor tickets and violations you receive on the road.

While millennials may be considered the most common culprits for risky driving, its actually Americans between the ages of 30 and 49 who are the countrys most ticketed drivers. Thirty-one percent of 30- to 49-year olds have received a ticket for a moving violation in the past five years, compared to 25% of 18- to 29-year-olds.

Drivers under the age of 50 who receive a ticket are much more likely to see their insurance premiums rise than older drivers. In fact, drivers 18-49 years-old are three times more likely to see their insurance premiums rise after receiving a ticket than drivers 50-64 years-old.

Younger people have a bad reputation of being risky drivers and typically face additional scrutiny from insurance carriers, said Adams. Most carriers check a young drivers record every six months, but wont regularly check an older drivers as these checks can be costly – and older drivers typically are safer drivers.

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Our reports deliver fact-based news of research and discoveries from around the world. Copyright 2015, NewsRx LLC

27 April

Free Flash IRC Client lightIRC Offers Online IRC Video Chat

lightIRC is a free Flash IRC client that comes with all the IRC features possible under todays technology. The thing that makes it universal and useable for almost every server is that it has more than 30 translations and a handful of style sheets for its own skin.

The purpose of the technology is to provide sublime webcam chat service to internet users for their professional and domestic uses. The software runs on the oldest chat system on the internet known; the IRC. The IRC web chat system is a rather old technology but with the effort of lightIRC, this otherwise outdates platform is brought back to face challenges of the modern day world. The technologies like webcam streaming and encryption along with tap-proof connections are brought together by the web chat client lightIRC.

The premier feature of the system is that online chat with lightIRC is safe as a whistle. Having said that no confidential data is prone to fall in wrong hands with this highly secure system. This is very important for users who conduct business deals online and share account details and other financially valuable data with each other over the web.

A widely appreciated feature of lightIRC is that it is very well standardized and hence is rather universal in its usage. It has more than 30 languages to operate with, making it suitable for operation in most regions of the world. The system of irc chat also comes with two options of chatting online; both group based conversations and private, personal and one to one conversations.

Also, a user can set them as admin and get in control and supervision. The Light RIC also gives an option to whether or not get a webcam module. Live chat of simple audio and audio plus video are supported by lightIRC system itself. The user count already is in thousands and they are very happy with the results.

About Us:

LightIRC is a web chat client system that runs on the old technology IRC made especially for web chat. Although the IRC system is very old and somewhat obsolete, the lightIRC system brings the best out of it. The security features of this system are immaculate and are excessively appreciated by a broad base of current users. It is also very universal in a way that it comes with more than 30 translations.

Media Contact
Company Name: LightIRC
Contact Person: Valentin Manthei
Email: Send Email
State: Hessen
Country: Germany

27 April

Big Ten, BIG EAST announce matchups for inaugural Gavitt Tipoff Games

The Gavitt Tipoff Games is an annual early-season series played between the two conferences and named in honor of Dave Gavitt, founder of the BIG EAST and basketball visionary. The BIG EAST home games will be telecast on Fox Sports 1, while Big Ten home games will air on BTN or an ESPN Network.

“Our family is excited about the Big Ten and BIG EAST launching this new series, which honors the memory of Dave Gavitt and his passion for college basketball,” said Dan Gavitt, NCAA Vice President of Men’s Basketball Championships. “He would be most pleased that the student-athletes, coaches and supporters of these historic college basketball programs can look forward to annual competition at the highest level to help open the college season with a bang. We are thankful to the two great conferences for recognizing the Gavitt legacy with the intra-conference games featuring new and old rivalries and intriguing match-ups.”

The annual series will feature renewed battles between local foes and attractive intersectional matchups. Eight teams in the inaugural event advanced to the NCAA Tournament and won at least 20 games last season.

Below is the complete schedule for the 2015 Gavitt Tipoff Games. Start times and specific television assignments will be announced at a later date.

Tuesday, Nov. 17
Georgetown at Maryland: First meeting since 2008-09 season
DePaul at Penn State: First meeting since 1984-85 season
Nebraska at Villanova: First meeting since 1998-99 season

Wednesday, Nov. 18
Illinois at Providence: First meeting since 2003-04 season

Thursday, Nov. 19
Creighton at Indiana: First meeting since 1974-75 season
Iowa at Marquette: First meeting since 1982-83 season
Rutgers at St. John’s: First meeting since 2012-13 season

Friday, Nov. 20
Xavier at Michigan: First meeting since 1988-89 season

Beginning in 2015 and scheduled through 2022, the Gavitt Tipoff Games will be played on four consecutive days in the first full week of the college basketball campaign. The series will span eight years, with games played at home sites. Each BIG EAST team will participate a minimum of six times, while Big Ten programs will take part a minimum of four times. Teams from both conferences already meet in some traditional rivalry games, and those matchups will continue in the upcoming seasons.

The unique series between the two conferences is named to honor the late Gavitt, who had a profound and lasting influence on the sport of basketball on the collegiate, professional and Olympic levels. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2006.

26 April
Comments Off on Cowboys DE Greg Hardy suspended for 10 games: 3 things to know

Cowboys DE Greg Hardy suspended for 10 games: 3 things to know

When the Dallas Cowboys signed Greg Hardy on March 18, they made the move knowing that Hardy would be suspended for at least part of the upcoming season and now, they know exactly how long that suspensions going to be.

The NFL announced on Wednesday that Hardy has been suspended without pay for the first 10 games of the 2015 regular season for conduct detrimental to the league.

By the end of the suspension, Hardy will have missed a total of 25 games over two seasons. Hardy played in one game for Carolina in 2014 before being moved to the exempt/commissioners permission list for the remainder of the season.

The former Panthers defensive had been facing domestic violence charges stemming from an incident that took place in May 2014. However, those charges were dropped in February and the case was dismissed after Hardys ex-girlfriend refused to cooperate with the district attorney.

Under the NFLs revised domestic violence policy that was released in August, first-time offenders were supposed to be subject to a six game suspension. However, Hardys was upped to 10 games because the NFL determined that Hardy violated the Personal Conduct Policy by using physical force against his ex-girlfriend in at least four instances.

Greg Hardy has to sit out the first 10 games of the 2015 season. USATSI

The net effect of these acts was that Ms. Holder was severely traumatized and sustained a range of injuries, including bruises and scratches on her neck, shoulders, upper chest, back, arms and feet, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wrote in a letter to Hardy. The use of physical force under the circumstances present here, against a woman substantially smaller than you and in the presence of powerful, military-style assault weapons, constitutes a significant act of violence in violation of the Personal Conduct Policy.

Goodell noted that Hardy could be banished from the league if he has any other run-ins with the law.

Here are three more things you need to know about Hardys suspension …

1. Hardys going to lose out on some serious money: When Hardy originally signed with the Cowboys in March, his one-year deal had a maximum value of 13.1 million. However, thanks to the suspension, the most Hardy can earn with the Cowboys in 2015 is 7.3 million.

A large portion of Hardys contract is going to be paid out in per-game roster bonuses. For every regular-season game Hardys on the Cowboys active roster this year, hell make 578,125. The 10-game suspension means that Hardy will automatically miss out on 5,781,250.

The suspension also makes it unlikely Hardy will hit his biggest sack bonus. If Hardy reaches 14 sacks in 2015, hes slated to earn a 1.8 million bonus. However, thats going to be almost impossible since Hardy will play no more than six games.

On the other hand, Hardy will be able to earn his 1.3 million off-season workout bonus. Hell be allowed to work out with the team until Sept. 5, which means hell be allowed to participate in training camp and all preseason games.

Overall, Hardy will probably earn about 5.53 million in 2015 in the form of six per-gameroster bonuses, the workout bonus and a 750,000 base salary. Hardy can also tack a 500,000 bonus on if he hits the eight-sack mark. That 500,000 bonus would become a 1 million bonus if he hits the 10-sack mark.

2. Hardys return will be on national television: It appears that the guys in the NFL scheduling office got a heads up on how long Hardys suspension might be because not only will his return be on national television, but it will come against his former team.

Hardys first game back from suspension is scheduled to come on Thanksgiving Day on CBS when the Cowboys host the Panthers. Before signing with Dallas in March, Hardy had spent his entire five-year career with Carolina.

Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis had been hoping Hardy would be suspended for the Panthers-Cowboys game.

I hope we play [Dallas] early in the season and we dont have to face him, Davis said a few days before the schedule was released.

Unfortunately for Davis, the Panthers most likely will face Hardy — who will theoretically have 10 weeks to prepare for that one game.

As for the rest of the Cowboys schedule, the big winners here are probably the Eagles and Giants who both play Dallas twice while Hardy is suspended. Hardy will also miss games against the Seahawks and Patriots.

3. What happens to the defensive line? The Cowboys defensive line wasnt very good last year when it didnt have Greg Hardy, so you can probably expect a lot of the same for the first 10 games of 2015. The one thing working in the Cowboys favor this season though is the return of a healthy DeMarcus Lawrence. As a rookie in 2014, the defensive end played in only seven games after suffering a foot injury during training camp. The good news for the Cowboys is that Lawrence looked better each week and then took things to another level in the playoffs.

That being said, theres a good chance the Cowboys could end up taking a defensive lineman in the NFL Draft. In the four mock drafts here at, the Cowboys are projected to take a defensive player in each one. More specifically, our Pete Prisco has Dallas taking a defensive lineman Oklahomas Jordan Phillips, while Will Brinson sees the Cowboys taking a defensive end Kentuckys Alvin Dupree.

26 April
Comments Off on In Some States, Low-Income Drivers Get Help With Car Insurance
26 April
Comments Off on The Earth will spend $91.5B on video games this year

The Earth will spend $91.5B on video games this year

Were going to spend a great big pile of cash on games in 2015.

The global gaming market will reach $91.5 billion this year, according to an upcoming report from research firm Newzoo. That will represent a 9.4 percent increase compared to 2014s $83.6 billion. Revenueswill increase on PCs, consoles, and tablets, and smartphones will lead the way with 21 percent growth year over year. Spending on PCs and Mac which includes traditional retail downloads from the Steam digital distribution store as well as free-to-play behemoths like the competitive strategy game League of Legends will still outpace all other categories. Newzoo explains that while markets such associal and handheld gaming are shrinking, that cash is mostly shifting to other kinds of games.

The report also claimsthat China, already one of the biggest markets for gaming, is about to grow even larger. Newzoo is estimating that Chinese revenues will grow by around 23 percent this year. That could move it into first place, ahead of the United States, as the top country in terms of game-related spending. Thats a year ahead of previous predictions, which claimed China would overtake the US as the world gaming superpower in 2016. If Newzoos predictions hold out, China would bring in around $22.2 billion compared to the $22 billion for the United States.

Countries in the Asia Pacific region will also see some serious growth. This will continue to come, just like it does in China, from mobile and PC gaming. Consoles will still make most of their money from North America, Europe, and Japan.

Finally, Newzoo was willing to share some predictions about the slightly more distant future. The firm claims that global gaming revenues will reach $107 billion by 2017. This will come at a time when smartphones have likely matured and new virtual-reality and smartwatch platforms have either proven their viability or not. If either takes off in a major way, they could lead to an exponential increase in revenues, but Newzoo isnt betting on that at this point.

Newzoo will release all of this information and more in its upcoming 2015 Global Games Market report, which will go live June 8.

More information:

26 April
Comments Off on Where is car insurance most expensive? Louisiana ranks high, website reports

Where is car insurance most expensive? Louisiana ranks high, website reports

Which states have the cheapest rates for car insurance? Louisiana isnt one of them, the website reports.

Louisiana ranked fourth among the most expensive with drivers paying on average $1,774 in car insurance premiums every year.

All sorts of factors go into calculating car insurance rates: prevalence of thefts, concentrations of drivers, rates of insurance fraud and even state laws governing driving and the insurance industry. But all that amounts to it not being very cheap to own a car in the Pelican State.

Read the story here.