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26 January
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Prisoners Show Artistic Talents

Fine art by local prisoners continues to be displayed at the Pump House.

Charlotte Jenkins is the warden at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution, and at the opening, viewed the show that filled both floors.

She says the prisoners make the art to help rehabilitate themselves, and sometimes as donations.

Some works are for sale, and Jenkins says the incarcerated artists will eventually get some of the purchase price.

Her CCI does not have a studio, but the Ross Correctional Institution has a facility that even allows airbrushed acrylics.

RCI also contributed a life-sized grandfather clock, and horse and coach – almost entirely of painted and modeled cardboard – from their stage production of A Christmas Carol which they also performed at CCI.

Paintings and impressive cardboard models large and small by about 20 artists from CCI, and more from RCI, fill both floors of the gallery until February first.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe amp; Circleville councils and local culture

26 January
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Google Results For "Car Insurance" Could Look Different Very Soon

A new report from an analyst at Forrester points to signs that Google is finally getting ready to launch its long-anticipated comparison site for car insurance.

You can read more about the specifics of the Forrester findings in our coverage on Marketing Land, including possible plans to sell insurance itself. One thing is clear, when the service rolls out, the search landscape in this vertical will see changes. We can expect changes similar to those seen in other verticals Google has entered such as travel and shopping.

For a preview of what the SERPS for car insurance queries may look like, we can check out Google UK where the company has been running its Google Compare program since 2012 for car insurance, mortgage rates, credit cards and travel insurance.

A search for car insurance on features the Sponsored ad box for Google Compare between the top line ads and organic listings.

26 January
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George Lucas: The Academy "has nothing to do with artistic endeavor at all"

The thing about the Academy, its a political campaign. It has nothing to do with artistic endeavor at all, Lucas said, praising Selma as a beautiful and wonderful film.

Lucas said the politics hurt everybody.

The venerated director and admitted contrarian is releasing a new movie called Strange Magic, an animated musical based on A Midsummer Nights Dream.

I did this just for fun over 15 years — it took a long time because it was sort of sitting on the desk in the corner and I would go and work on it for a while, Lucas said. But the secret is I wanted to tell the story in music, but using existing music, so to go through and find all the lyrics that would actually tell the story.

The songs span six decades and range from Cant Help Falling in Love to Lady Gagas Bad Romance.

While Lucas said he created Star Wars for 12-year-old boys, this was created with his three daughters in mind.

I just figured, Ill make one of these for girls. Because, youre not supposed to make movies for girls, Lucas said.

With the tagline for the movie being, everyone deserves to be loved, Lucas also referenced his own love life with wife and CBS News financial contributor Mellody Hobson.

Im the old bog king curmudgeon who never thought Id find love again, and you know I found a beautiful princess who somehow finds me attractive, he said.

26 January
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Late Rose Garden artistic director ‘Mac’ McLanahan honored

MANSFIELD – The Boston Area Coffeehouse Association has posthumously awarded Samuel Mac McLanahan of North Attleboro with its Jerry Christen Memorial Award for service to the folk community. Liz Freeman of BACHA presented the award, a handmade origami plaque, to McLanahans widow, Rae Ann McLanahan of North Attleboro, during the Rose Garden Coffeehouse on Saturday night.

Mac McLanahan, 74, co-founder and artistic director of the Rose Garden Coffeehouse in Mansfield, died on Dec. 4 of complications from prostate cancer. He had been chosen to receive the award some time ago, according to Freeman.

26 January
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Developers create new spaces in artistic neighborhood west of downtown

Some of the old warehouses lining a stretch of Sawyer Street across Interstate 10 from the Heights are being primed for new development, as this First Ward area continues to morph from industrial hub to an upscale artsy neighborhood.

25 January
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Lindsay Lohan lands ‘car insurance commercial set to air during the Super Bowl’

Lindsay Lohan has stepped off the West End and right into a car insurance gig.

According to TMZ, the actress will become the face of Esurance after landing a spot in one of their commercials.

The advert, which has reportedly starting filming in Long Beach, California, could even be played during the Super Bowl.

This would mean that a record-high audience of over 100 million could get to see the flame-haired beauty promote the brand during the American football extravaganza.

25 January
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Financial Q&A: Don’t try to get tricky with your investments

QUESTION: The recent swings in the stock market are causing me to question the safety of my retirement account. The forecasts for stocks are inconsistent and I’m too close to retirement to rebuild my account. What should I do?

Baldwin: Stop listening to the market predictions; no one has a crystal ball. Markets have always been, and will continue to be, unpredictable.

Each New Year brings new economic forecasts. Savvy investors stick to their long-term investment plans and aren’t influenced by forecasters.

For example, in a January 2014 Wall Street Journal survey, 48 of 49 economists expected the yield on the 10-year Treasury note to rise from 2.9 percent to an average of 3.5 percent by year-end. When 2014 closed, the 10-year Treasury yield was 2.17 percent. Really?

Let’s look at how the expert investment managers who run hedge funds performed last year. After all, hedge funds use advanced investment strategies that are available only to wealthy investors. Hedge funds also charge seriously high fees. Bloomberg reported that hedge funds (on average) returned just 2 percent in 2014. Balanced portfolios of stocks and bonds returned about 5 percent.

So if economists and hedge fund managers are this inaccurate at forecasting, what is the average investor supposed to do to protect their retirement savings?

To paraphrase a famous saying, start by accepting the things we can’t change. Don’t try to “market time” by moving in and out. You have to be right twice. Selling at the right time and getting back in the market at the right time are next to impossible.

Have the courage to change the things we can. Concentrate on controllable events like managing your cash flow and choosing an appropriate asset allocation that you will stay with during good times and bad. Rebalance periodically.

Shrewd investors consider stock market downturns to be an opportunity to buy stocks on sale within your current asset allocation goals. Hold your nose; sell the winners and buy the losers.

Don’t take any risk with cash needed for upcoming expenses.

Be disciplined and stick to your long-term goals and investment plan. Don’t let the latest news steer you off course. Review your plan and update investing goals and objectives.

Don’t let emotions disrupt your long-term investment plan. Pension plans use actuaries, not feelings.

There was a time when we joked about economists and meteorologists, but the weather predictions have greatly improved.

Mary Baldwin, CFP is an independent, fee-only financial planner at Baldwin and Associates in Indian Harbour Beach. You can contact her at 321-428-4555 or Send your financial questions to

25 January
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You Can Save Hundreds On Car Insurance. But Is It A Good Idea?

It seems the auto insurance industry is on the cusp of a transformation.

Tracking devices are beginning to come along for the ride, sending insurers information about every turn and brake of your drive. A startup called Metromile offers pay-as-you-drive car insurance (available so far in four states) to those who drive less than 10,000 miles a year. But these newfangled ways to insure are still nascent, since, according to a 2014 Deloitte report, people are wary of privacy issues and the potential impact on pricing.

So the vast majority of people are still shopping for car insurance the old-fashionedway — and it’s as confusing as ever. The problem? The industry doesn’t have an MLS like for real estate or an ITA or Sabre like for flights, where all policies from every carrier can be compared in one place. Unlike shopping for a home or airline ticket, in order to get an actual auto insurance quote and not just an estimate, you need to give up a lot of data and access to your credit score, which the company doesn’t do until you’re close to buying because it costs money.

Still, businesses are trying to simplify the process. In the last year or so, a few new services — websites The Zebra and CompareNow, plus an iOS app called Go — have launched to make it easier and faster for drivers to shop for cheaper traditional types of car insurance.

25 January
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Online Education Company Gets $186 Million For A Shopping Spree

Online personal and professional continuing education company has raised $186 million at a roughly $1 billion valuation to go shopping for education technology companies.

It’s the second mammoth round for Lynda, following a $100 million initial investment from Accel Partners, Spectrum Equity and Meritech. The new round was led by TPG, a private equity firm with some $65 billion worth of assets under management.

For, the new round is all about a shopping allowance. The company already has letters of intent out with three potential acquisition targets and has several more companies in its sights, according to an interview with the company’s chief executive, Eric Robison.

One investor familiar with the market for online education said that the company may look to bring in programming tutorial companies like Thinkful (which raised a round of funding recently) or Treehouse (which hasn’t). divides its profitable business between a consumer-facing portal that allows users to access any of its hundreds of courses in topics ranging from business classes, to technology training, to creative and design training.

According to Robison, will look to add another 150 to 250 employees to its roster of 550 current staff members.

25 January
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Lindsay Lohan, Car Insurance Sales Woman

Lindsay Lohan, who has been involved in enough car accidents that E! Online created a timeline dedicated to her scrapes, has landed the perfect new gig: car insurance pitch woman.

TMZ reports that LiLo is currently in Los Angeles filming an Esurance commercial, and speculates that the ad may air during the upcoming Super Bowl. Game day stunt advertising is kind of Esurances thing, last year they ran an ad after the game that led to a $1.5 million Twitter giveaway.

Its probably safe to say Lohan has filed her share of insurance claims over the years, starting in May of 2007, when she crashed her Mercedes in California. Shes had at least five accidents since then — and were not counting the time she chased a woman with her SUV.

Lohan hasnt had a car accident in two years (sincerely happy about that), but while she probably took taxis or the tube during her well received run on the London stage in David Mamets Speed The Plow, we imagine shes probably pretty good at shopping around for a good deal on car insurance because her rates must be insane. And, shes never been shy about making fun of herself, often quite hilariously.

Maybe shes even gotten a quote online from Esurance. We cant wait to see this — its gonna be good.