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27 June
Comments Off on Credit Score Card Theft Believes Go PurchasingShop– As Well As Obtain Caught On Camera

Credit Score Card Theft Believes Go PurchasingShop– As Well As Obtain Caught On Camera

A pair of believed creditbank card burglars were caught on a Walmart monitoring camera as they shoppedbought a pre-paid mobile phone after taking an Uber to the shop.

Rather of striking the neighboring gas terminalgasoline station for gas and munchies like a normal credit card thieves tryingattempting to get just what they can before the proprietor terminates the card, on May 31, the Broward Sheriff’s Workplace states these two utilized it for an Uber ride to the Walmart Supercenter at 5851 NW 177th St. in North Miami-Dade. That’s where surveillance video clip captured them at the entrance as they startedbegan to go shoppingbuy a pre-paid cellphone.

The electronic camera sticks around on Suspect No. 1, wearing a black T-shirts and also Adidas pants. He is ultimately joined by Suspect No. 2, who was outfitted in a long-sleeved red tee shirt and also, incongruously, black pants under black Nike shorts.

Anybody with info on this duo can call BSO Detective Juan Hernandez at 954-435-2000. For those wishing privacy, but still wantwish to be eligible for a $3,000 reward, contact Broward Criminal activity Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477) or the website Instead of striking the neighboring gas terminal for gas and also munchies like a regular credit history card thieves attempting to get what they can prior to the owner cancels the card, on May 31, the Broward Sheriff’s Workplace states these two utilized it for an Uber flight to the Walmart Supercenter at 5851 NW 177th St. in North Miami-Dade. The cam lingers on Suspect No. 1, putting on a black T-shirt as well as Adidas trousers. Any person with info on this duo could call BSO Detective Juan Hernandez at 954-435-2000.

25 June
Comments Off on Obtain Extra From Your Cards

Obtain Extra From Your Cards

While creditbank card have actually long been a preferred alternative for repayments for several people, debit cards and also alsoas well as prepaid cards are gaining ground as individuals seek control and also as the features on those various other cards get better. Rather compared to just instantly picking creditcharge card, it might deserve your while to look once again at what plastic will in fact functionWhile credit history cards have long been a favored alternative for settlements for many people, debit cards and even prepaid cards are getting ground as people look for control and as the attributes on those various other cards get much better.

24 June
Comments Off on Exactly How Sears Canada’s Insolvency Impacts Sears Holdings Corp …

Exactly How Sears Canada’s Insolvency Impacts Sears Holdings Corp …

Sears Canada fileddeclared personal bankruptcy under CCAA and is not presently intending to completely liquidate.A court-appointed screen will supervise Sears Canada, and not Eddie Lampert, who can obtain absolutely nothing for his 45%ownership of the company.The filing in Canada may signal a change in Lampert # 39; s opinion concerning an in-court restructuring of Sears Holdings.Vendors may currently be even much less most likely to handle Sears Holdings.

22 June
Comments Off on 5 Dreadful Credit Report RatingCredit Rating Misconceptions

5 Dreadful Credit Report RatingCredit Rating Misconceptions

A good very first actionprimary step is getting rid ofclearing some credit history rating misconceptions.
Credit rating misconception No. 1: Every person has a credit report ratinga credit history.
You couldmay be stunned to learn that many peoplemany individuals do not have a credit report ratinga credit rating linked with them– since they may never ever have made use of debt. If you go throughexperience life without borrowing cash as well as without making use of credit scoresbank card and paying for things with cash money or checks, your credit rating scorecredit report could be a huge fat N/A.
Still, many countless us do have credit rating ratingscredit report– and alsowhen we do, we do not have simply one. Theres a specifically famous credit report ratingcredit report that many significant lenders make use of, called a FICO rating, developed by the Fair Isaac firm. Yet there are other credit rating scorescredit report besides FICO ratings, and also there are also an arraya variety of different FICO ratings, tooThere are various other credit report ratings besides FICO scores, and there are even a range of various FICO ratings, too. A Base FICO rating will certainly vary from 300 to 850, while various other varieties of debt scorescredit report will have various ranges. One more typically used credit history ratingcredit report is VantageScore, supplied by the three primary credit scores bureaus– Experian, Equifax, as well as TransUnion– as well as it, too, ranges You may be amazed to find out that lots of individuals do not have a credit history score associated with them– due to the fact that they might never have actually made use of credit rating. There are other credit ratings besides FICO ratings, and there are also a variety of various FICO scores, as well. A Base FICO rating will certainly range from 300 to 850, while other varieties of credit rating ratings will certainly have various varieties.
Credit report scoreCredit rating myth No. 2: Credit rating ratingsCredit history are based on just how typically you pay your costs on schedule.
Thats actually a partial misconception. How accurately you pay your costs in a timely manner is certainly an element in determining your credit history score, and paying costs on time is an excellent wayan excellent way to boost your credit rating ratingcredit rating, yet your repayment background is not the only aspect that matters to your credit history scorecredit rating. Below are the parts identifying your FICO rating:

35%: Repayment backgroundThats really a partial myth. Exactly how dependably you pay your expenses on time is indeed an aspect in identifying your credit scores score, and paying costs on time is an excellent means to raise your debt score, however your settlement background is not the only variable that matters to your debt score.

30%: HowWhat does it cost? you owe.
15%: Length of credit backgroundcredit report.
10%: New credit scores.
10%: Various other elements such as your credit rating mix.

Your payment history is the most essential element, however virtually as vital is just howwhat does it cost? you owe. If youre burdened enormous home mortgage settlements, for exampleas an example, that can make you a riskier borrower compared to someone with less financial debt. The rating will certainly take intothink about exactly how muchjust how much of your offered credit score youre utilizing. So if youve almost maxed out your offered credit rating limits, that could harm your ratingIf youve almost maxed out your available debt limits, that can hurt your score. At the same time, the rating favors people that have a lengthy credit report backgroundcredit rating, as well as does not favor those that have recently tackled brand-new credit, possibly by opening a number of brand-new credit report card The rating favors people who have a prolonged credit history, and does not prefer those that have lately taken on new credit scores, maybe by opening up a number of brand-new credit history card accounts.repayment background is the most essential factor, but almost as important is how much you owe. The score will take right into account exactly how a lot of your readily available credit history youre using. If youve nearly maxed out your offered credit rating limitations, that could harm your score.

You might be shocked to find out that lots of people do not have a credit rating score associated with them– since they could never have actually made use of credit. There are various other debt ratings besides FICO scores, and also there are also a range of various FICO scores, also. A Base FICO score will vary from 300 to 850, while other ranges of credit score ratings will have different varieties. How reliably you pay your bills on time is without a doubt an aspect in identifying your credit score, as well as paying costs on time is a good method to enhance your credit rating score, but your payment background is not the only factor that matters to your credit score.

27 January
Comments Off on What do dentists and credit counselors have in common?

What do dentists and credit counselors have in common?

Hope you’ve been brushing your teeth because Denver might see an influx of dentists.

A US News and World Report study released Wednesday showed that dentist ranks as the best job overall in the nation. Diving even deeper, Denver is one of the best-paying cities for dentists with a meansalary of $269,530 compared to a national mean of $172,350.

The city is also one of the best paying for community health workers ($53,140), credit counselors ($78,220), geographers ($77,860) and petroleum engineers ($170,170), according tothe report.

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The best jobs rankings are based on salary, the number of expected openings, advancement opportunities and career fulfillment.

Job seekers are entering a solid market with a national unemployment rate below 5 percent, recently reaching the lowest point since 2007, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, 10 million jobs are expected to be added between 2014 and 2024.

The unemployment rate in metro Denver fell to 2.6 percent in November, down from 3.5 percent in November 2015, according to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

24 January
Comments Off on Australian Dentists Clinic’s New Website Helps People Looking for a Dentist

Australian Dentists Clinic’s New Website Helps People Looking for a Dentist

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / January 20, 2017 / The Australian Dentists Clinic has recently launched a new website that is designed to offer essential information to people in Australia about the modern dental services and treatments. The Australian Dentists Clinic, which has branches all over Australia, provides a number of dental procedures, and the new site keeps patients informed with listings of various treatment choices.

The Australian Dentists Clinic provides general dentistry as well as cosmetic and emergency services, which include root canal treatments, Invisalign braces, dental crowns and implants, wisdom teeth extraction, and dental veneers.

Meanwhile, in line with their goal of helping people in terms of dental costs and also in compliance with the Department of Healths Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), the clinic offers free dental care to children aged between 2 – 17 years old. The CDBS, which started on January 1, 2014, offers access to children who belong to eligible families. Families can contact the Department of Human Services to check if their children are eligible.

Our dental team always stresses to our patients that it is crucial to keep up with dental care, and prevention is always better than a cure, says Nick McMahon from the Australian Dentists Clinic. We want you to enjoy healthy teeth and gums, and part of that is visiting your dentist on a regular basis.

The clinics website offers in-depth information on Invisalign treatment and other procedures, including dental fillings, teeth whitening, splints for teeth grinding, dentures, oral health, and periodontal disease. Other vital information provided on the website includes how a general dentist will check the dental health of a patient, when dental crowns are needed, when a root canal is required, the use of dental bridges, and various trends in cosmetic dentistry.

Our goal is to help people save money and time when it comes to dental care, says McMahon. We want you to be completely informed of your options, whether thats for implants or braces, and we want our patients to know that they can rely on us for those emergency dental situations that may happen from time to time, hence why many of our dental clinics are open 7 days a week.

Mr. McMahon says that the websites goal is to provide information to patients so that they can make informed decisions on their dental care. He states that too many patients rely on advice from friends and family, as opposed to visiting a dentist to have certain issues resolved, and says that the site covers dental conditions and treatment options, as well as what patients can expect from specific procedures.

Those interested can visit the website of Australian Dentists Clinic and check out the services offered and the various specials for new patients, such as the free Invisalign consultation at our Melbourne CBD dental clinic.

Contact Australian Dentists Clinic:

Nick McMahon
(03) 9088 0257
MELBOURNE CBD Level 3 – 620 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

SOURCE: Australian Dentists Clinic

20 January
Comments Off on MBRSC opens the space centre at KidZania
19 January
Comments Off on How can benefit pros connect with Millennials? Try talking to them

How can benefit pros connect with Millennials? Try talking to them

Many studies have documented the attitude that millennials have toward customer service processes. Whether it’s an online chat, mobile banking transaction, or simply texting a food order, the non-essential transactions of their daily lives requires expedient service and response. Millennials want fast, efficient and reliable support, and they prefer digital self-service over a phone call.

In fact, the last thing that many millennials want to do is to contact a call center. Stories about the cable company and overseas tech support teams have, in many cases, created a culture of abstinence toward talking to a live human being. Why talk to someone when I can just chat or text? This perception of millennials seems to hold water in many cases. But are there certain instances where millennials prefer the personal touch over digital interactions?

19 January
Comments Off on Hegins Township police chief set to retire

Hegins Township police chief set to retire

HEGINS — The first year Steven S. Lohr became chief of Hegins Township police he remembers it was also the last year of the Fred Coleman Memorial Labor Day Pigeon Shoot at Hegins Park. Lohr, 64, who’s retiring Friday, reflected on the challenges of working in law enforcement, from what he describes as a “lenient judicial system,” to policing the park and overcoming injury.

Becoming a police officer wasn’t Lohr’s initial career path. A son of the late George and Elsie Lohr, Hubley Township, Lohr formerly ran a timber business with his father and encouraged him to launch a motorcycle business, called Tri-Valley Cycle Sales.

“When I was a teenager, we started that up. I was never really big on cars. We did car repairs, too, but I was more into motorcycles,” he said. He also competed in motocross cycle racing in Leck Kill and Pine Grove.

Lohr was a 1970 Tri-Valley High School graduate, and participated in wrestling, football and gymnastics, competing in the floor exercise, rings and uneven bars. He attended what was then Lock Haven State College, majoring in health and physical education, with thoughts of becoming a gym teacher or health teacher.

“I went three and a half years, then I quit. The cycle shop was getting too big, and dad couldn’t handle it, and I made that decision,” he said.

Hubley stint

At that time, Glenn Miller, a Hubley Township policeman, was leaving, so Lohr applied for the job, and Hubley Township hired him. He got his Act 120 training in 1982.

In 1990, Jeff Bowman was leaving the Hegins Township police force, and the supervisors had asked if Lohr would be interested in serving there. He started in February 1990 as a sergeant, then eventually became Hegins Township police chief when Melvin Stutzman retired as chief in 1992.

Pigeon shoot

Providing police coverage at the Fred Coleman Memorial Labor Day Pigeon Shoot at Hegins Park was among Lohr’s most challenging. In 1992, which turned out to be the last year for the shoot, Lohr was told the day before that his department would be handling the actual park grounds, while state police would be in charge of the surrounding areas.

“The pigeon shoot was the worst event to cover. The year I became chief, in 1992, the state pulled their presence back from the park. Our department handled the park area itself; and they handled everything around the park. That was the year the protesters surrounded themselves in barrels up on Main Street (Route 25).

“Everybody was so mad at me, but that was not our responsibility. We had our order, this is your area, you are in charge of that and we will handle everything else. If you don’t follow the plan, it all goes to crap. All the locals were mad, because we would not leave the park,” he said. “That was bad that year. I was so glad when that year was over, but it all turned out.”

Consuming challenges

The most difficult part of his job, he said, is dealing with fatalities.

“Probably the murders we had were the worst and the most time-consuming. It just consumes you. The Smith murder, up on Main Street, that happened the day before Christmas, and by New Year’s Eve, we had an arrest. You live the job until it’s done. There were no holidays that year.”

“I’d say the suicides, and making the death notifications. It’s hard because I know everybody and grew up with everybody. It’s never easy, but it’s hard telling someone their son or daughter, or mom has died.”


Several factors indicated it was time for him to retire, Lohr said.

“Especially, since I broke my leg three years ago, it’s not the same. I always felt confident in myself, physically. But, it’s not the same. I just don’t feel I can do the job. My shifts get tougher. You reach a time where you just can’t do it anymore without the wear and tear. It’s not fair to your other officers, if you get into a (fight), and you can’t hold up your end anymore. I think it was a combination of age, and frustration with the leniency of the system.”

Broken leg

Lohr was on an EMS call and was assisting loading a patient in the back of the ambulance when the gurney kicked back and landed on his right leg, breaking it. A plate and eight screws were needed to repair it and he couldn’t drive for eight or ten weeks.


Throughout the years, Lohr has had 23 “bosses,” as supervisors have come and gone. He’s also worked with several former county sheriffs, including Paul Sheers, Tim Holden, Francis McAndrew and Dan Grow, as well as current Sheriff Joseph Groody.

Schuylkill County Detective Dennis Clark worked with Lohr for nearly a decade, from when Clark entered the Hegins Township force in 1992, and has known the chief for years. He said Lohr had a good rapport with his staff and was “always there for the public.”

“He always had the staff’s respect,” Clark said. “He did his work and tried to get as much done as he could. He’s a good guy who deserves his retirement. The years have worn on him.”

Initially, there were three part-time officers in Hegins Township, then in 1995, Lohr got a grant. Then they had three full-time and six part-time officers.

“I had got a few grants for three or four years. We had a contract with Hubley Township to provide police services. And then there were grants available, because we had an inter-municipal agreement. So there was extra money available for that. Back in 1995, we got a COPS grant, which paid for an additional, full-time officer for three years,” he said.

Hegins Township paid to have the full-time officer on for one more year after the grant, but then ended the contract with Hubley Township and dropped the extra full-timer in 1999. Today, there are two full-time police officers, including Lohr, and four part-time. Sgt. Beau Yarmush was named the new chief, upon Lohr’s retirement. The township still hasn’t found a replacement for Yarmush’s position.

Vicious cycle

“Municipalities just keep cutting back and cutting manpower. The biggest change has been with the judicial system. They keep trying to get more and more out of police with less money and less benefits. Between budget cuts and the judicial system, you can see what’s happening with society. The less hours you’re out on the street, the more things happen. It is just a vicious cycle. Then with our liberal court system and the laws anymore, it’s just a revolving door, and there’s very little deterrent anymore.

“We can enforce the law, but what happens after that is out of our control. People’s attitudes have changed. Everybody thinks they’re entitled. It used to not be that way. People were appreciative when you’d help them out. Most times, you’re dealing with all the bad news. Everybody looks for us for an answer, and we don’t have an answer for everything.

“More things have become civil, rather than criminal. And I really think it’s a convenience to keep processing them through. You make drug arrests, and they end up with a disorderly conduct, and a slap on the wrist. They talk about the heroin epidemic. They keep giving them Narcan and bringing them back, over and over and over. They make it easier for them to use drugs. Hopefully, the taxpayers are getting tired of it. It costs a lot of money. You’ve seen the past two years with our drug round-ups how many people were caught. We’re talking felony sales of hard drugs, but there’s no punishment, with bail and so forth,” Lohr said.

He said people are often released on their own recognizance, with not a penny posted; or unsecured bail, with zero going back into the system.

Lohr said the central booking used in the county has helped with processing efficiency, but does have its downside.

“It saved time, but, in the same token, it was an opportunity to spend some time with these people, after you arrested them. Maybe you had a DUI and a drunk. Most times with a domestic, one or both of them were drunk. You got to see them a week or two later when they came in to get fingerprinted, and then you got to hold their hand. When you get up close, and you’re fingerprinting somebody, your talking with them, and you try to find out what’s going on. A lot of times, people are still friends with me today who I took through the process. I tried to treat them all the same. Things happen in their lives and things get out of hand. Especially this time of year; and a month after Christmas when all the credit cards come due. End of January, beginning of February, domestics rise.

“It took some of the personal side of policing away by having them do it. It does work, it does save us some time, but you’re losing that personal contact. Your central booking is your fingerprinting. Before that came to be, they had to come in here, call and make an appointment. You physically fingerprinted them here. It gave you maybe 45 minutes or an hour with the person. They’re coming in sober now, and you were dealing with them when they were drunk. Most come in and they’re ashamed and apologetic. I see it all the time. You didn’t know what you were saying. You just don’t take things personally, because a drunk is a drunk is a drunk. They’re going to say ugly things.”

Dealing with the youth in the community has been the most rewarding aspect of his job, Lohr said.

“They are our future. Saturday night, I came out and did the Santa parade. That was kind of my thing all these years. If we went shopping, or whatever, I always had to be back for the Santa parade. It was a must for me. The young kids, if I stopped at Top Star or in town, all the young kids wave at me and say, ‘Hi, Stevie.’ A couple of young ones up in Hegins stepped out on the road and yelled, ‘Stevie, Stevie.’ I just really enjoy working with the young kids.”

Lohr, and his wife, Patti, have one daughter, Brittany, and live in the Schuylkill County’s west end. He said in his retirement, he’ll be catching up on projects on his farm.

18 January
Comments Off on Erie County Real Estate Transactions

Erie County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County clerk’s office for the week ending Nov. 18.

o 5 Indianola Ave., Patricia L. Chimento to Lisa M. Dojnik; Richard D. Dojnik III, $152,000.
o 57 Main St., Margaret J. Dennison to Bank of Akron, $125,000.
o 237 East Ave., John Alfieri; Edith Funk; Jeannette Neal to Judy A. Winters, $116,600.

o 217 Stonham Way, Marrano/marc-Equity Corporation to Jacqueline M. Lovullo; Kevin J. Lovullo, $818,359.
o 54 Keswick, Annette M. Lyth; John A. Lyth to Melissa L. Storfer; Paul H. Storfer Jr., $625,000.
o 60 Daigler Court, Matthew S. Burwick; Sara N. Burwick to Kimberlee M. Hubbard; Ryan M. Hubbard, $520,000.
o 55 Knollwood Lane, Richard Stenclik to Li Liu, $500,000.
o 103 Shadow Wood Drive, David N. Schultz; Lynn Marie Schultz to David J. Luzon; Bradly J. Sax, $424,250.
o 35 Hidden Pond Lane, Judith L. Padgug; Melissa Reese to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust Tr; US Bank Trust NA Tr, $420,155.
o 298 San Fernando Lane, Jo-Anne M. Stulmaker; Mark L. Stulmaker to Kelly A. Groat; Groat R. Evan, $380,000.
o 132 Summershade Court, Dipakkumar P. Pravin; Minakshi D. Pravin to Sarfaraz Semy; Yasina Semy, $362,000.
o 104 Roycroft Boulevard, David J. Luzon; Bradly J. Sax to Katharyn F. Sexton, $350,000.
o 49 Insbrook Court, Cheryl A. Sciolino; Russell C. Sciolino to Berardino Janene Di; Di Berardino Michael A, $340,000.
o 52 Koster Row, Louise C. Boty; Gregory L. Hoffman to Jamie L. Johnson, $300,000.
o 64 Holloway Creek Lane, Vanderbilt Properties to Deborah A. Beringer; Mark R. Beringer, $296,400.
o 17 Limestone Drive, Anthony J. Baldi to Mlwdonna, $290,000.
o 35 Greencastle Lane, Barbara A. Cohen to Xiaoren Duan; Lei Sun, $290,000.
o 155 High Park Boulevard, John L. Paczos; Marilyn K. Paczos to Maurice C. Sheehan, $278,000.
o 310 Schoelles Road, Mario Kroese; Veronica Kroese to Barbara A. Mang, $260,000.
o 70 Cherrywood, Karthik Thyagarajan; Sindhujah Viswanathan Thyagarajan to Brian M. Eberle; Kathleen M. Eberle, $255,000.
o 335 Ayer Road, Todd D. Harper; Todd Harper; Stephen R. Lamantia to Bronze Creek Title Trust 2013-Npl1 Tr; Christiana Trust Tr; Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb Tr dba, $248,282.
o 237 Macarthur Drive, Brian J. Berrier to Sirva Relocation Properties, $244,900.
o 237 Macarthur Drive, Sirva Relocation Properties to Carrie D. Cline; Gregory D. Cline Jr., $244,900.
o 45 Spicebush Lane, Carmelo Dipasquale; Joan Dipasquale to Jane P. Marciniak; Joseph J. Marciniak, $239,900.
o 287 Mill, Amy Alexander; Amy L. Renn to Kathleen A. Dinan, $235,000.
o 35 Brompton Road, Consolata Society For Foreign Missions to Samantha E. Humbert; Karl F. Kozlowski, $235,000.
o 35 Sweetwater Court, Michael A. Diberardino to Gregory E. Hudecki; James M. Hudecki; Joanne A. Hudecki, $229,900.
o 72 Arlington Road, Van Every John A; Van Every Sandra L to Joshua T. Burke, $220,000.
o 275 Heim Road, Kenneth J. Farrell; Shaista Khokhar to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust Tr; US Bank Trust NA Tr, $213,264.
o 118 Brush Creek Road, Paula A. Colangelo to Christine A. Colangelo; Michael A. Colangelo, $206,000.
o 69 Hyledge Drive, Edward J. Carland; Lorraine N. Carland to Michael G. Moore, $200,000.
o 4 Foxpoint Dr W, Nicholas J. Mitri to Bret T. Seifert; Nicole K. Seifert, $194,000.
o 66 Morningside Lane, Sharron Border to Hannah R. Lapides, $190,000.
o 85 Redwood Terrace, David A. Kasperek; Janet M. Kasperek to Patrick Mcgowan, $184,600.
o 1069 Eggert, Anthony James Tarantino to Holly A. Doyle; Rodger Doyle; Rodger P. Doyle Jr., $179,900.
o 270 Robinhill Drive, James F. Cleary; Sharon A. Cleary to Christopher C. Halton, $175,000.
o 217 Culpepper Road, Olga Mcdermott to Heilman Family Trust 021800 Tr, $172,500.
o 435 Mckinley Ave., Irene M. Koczaja to Jennifer A. Colwell; Jonathan A. Colwell, $170,000.
o 179 Ayer Road, Michelle M. Bertola; Peter O. Bertola to Drew Brownson, $165,000.
o 32 Bernhardt Dr Unit 10, Aileen E. Bown to Anthony Bruno, $162,500.
o 112 Sunshine Drive, Michael J. Mcmahon; Sally E. Mcmahon to Gary J. Grieco II; Rachael Grieco, $162,000.
o 892 Edgewater Drive, Linda L. Delprino to William Murray, $160,000.
o 524 Brantwood Road, Sarfaraz A. Semy; Sarfarez A. Semy; Yasina S. Semy to Leo J. Dandes; Lissette M. Ruotolo, $159,500.
o 438 Callodine Ave., Zhilin Liu to Tianyi Du, $145,000.
o 371 Bernhardt Drive, Cynthia C. Franko to Alexandra L. Zaccagnino, $135,120.
o 1578 Wehrle, Adamy Richard Anthony Sr to Brian Seivert; Cheryl Seivert, $130,000.
o 720 North Ellicott Creek Road, Marion E. Reed to Richard Hacker, $122,000.
o 25 Oakbrook Dr Unit F, John J. Stasio to Hugo G. Cordova; Nilda Serrano, $120,000.
o 1420 Maple Rd Unit 8, Arman Afshani to Gaurav K. Zirath; Saurav K. Zirath, $108,000.
o 364 Rosedale Boulevard, Nicole K. Balduf; Bret Seifert; Nicole Seifert to David J. Balduf; Katherine E. Balduf, $105,000.
o 26 Coronation Drive, Maxine S. Hopkinson; Michael J. Terpin to Adrienne E. Majerus, $104,000.
o 7 Keph Dr Apt 6, Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-He3 Tr; US Bank NA Tr to Hao Hong; Nan Li, $92,000.
o 863 Wehrle Drive, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Property One Management, $91,000.
o 67 Sunset Court, William L. Humston to Kimberly J. Worling; Richard Worling, $90,000.
o 128a Foxberry Drive, John F. Reinke; Nancy S. Reinke to James L. Collins, $87,000.
o 51 Manning, HUD to Tammy Roneker, $84,000.
o 185 Charter Oaks Dr #3, Rochelle Deloach to Amy L. Keyes, $81,000.
o 1179 Dodge Road, Maria Balisteri; Maria Teresa Balisteri; Salvatore Balisteri; Maria Teresa Balistreri; Salvatore Balistreri; Domenic Migliaccio to Duane Barwell; WNY Homeworks, $66,959.
o 28 A Coolbrook Court, Llmr; Western New York Property Holdings; WNY Real Property Holdings to Lakefront Management, $59,900.
o 55 Buckeye Road, Carl R. Bjornland; Dorothy E. Bjornland to Diane Correa; Luis A. Crespo Jr., $52,500.
o 44 Lyman Road, Marilee A. Keller to Elizabeth S. Keller, $50,000.
o 224 Londonderry Lane, Wenyao Xu; Sichen Ye to Richard Rosenthal, $40,000.
o 34 Spring St W, International Chimney Corporation to Rtl Pia Properties, $20,321.
o 392 Frankhauser, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $20,000.
o 154 Hillcrest Drive, Bank of New York Tr; Centex Home Equity Loan Trust 2006-A Tr; JPMorgan Chase Bank NA Tr Suc to Victor Merlo, $16,500.
o 26 Meadow Lea Drive, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $15,000.
o 850 Tonawanda Creek Road, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $7,500.
o 115 Glen Ave., International Chimney Corporation to Rtl Pia Properties, $6,153.
o 42 Spring St W, International Chimney Corporation to Rtl Pia Properties, $5,075.

o 24 Lorain Drive, Derrick W. Decker; Donald J. Decker to David E. Hornberger, $105,000.
o 26 Lerczak Drive, Andrea Herold to Herold Holdings, $82,000.
o 61 Mill St., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $25,000.
o 93 Lake St., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $15,000.
o 0amp;26 Newton St., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $10,000.

o 310 Buffalo Road, Gail M. Mcafoos; William P. Mcafoos to Rachele C. Pfister, $600,000.
o 85 Stewart Court, John Carter; John M. Carter to Crystal L. England; Joseph L. England, $405,000.
o Vacant land Hubbard Road, Gregg J. Searl; Robert W. Searl Jr.; Steven S. Searl to Western New York Land Conservancy, $400,000.
o 1315 Luther Road, Chester A. Majewski; Majewski P. Maureen to Amy M. Girard; Benjamin E. Girard, $372,000.
o 191 King St., Rachele C. Pfister to Felicitas Kusch-Lango, $235,000.
o 1875 Davis Road, Daniel Schunk to Christopher C. Hutchinson; Jennifer L. Hutchinson, $180,000.
o 974 Lawrence Ave., Cheryl L. Obrien to Arlene Rice, $149,700.
o 225 Porterville Road, Roy E. Beatty; Virginia A. Beatty; William R. Hites to WNY Real Property Holdings, $142,501.
o 1757 Emery Road, Carol M. Witkop to Dawn M. Vogel; William T. Vogel, $65,000.
o Vacant land Falls Road, Falls Road to Deborah Cotrupe; Leigh Dye, $55,000.

o 166 Pearl Ave., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $20,000.

o 8620 Back Creek Road, Kathleen T. Wozniak; Robert C. Wozniak to Mark J. Janker; Suzanna M. Janker, $290,000.
o 4657 Haag Road, Craig J. Hornberger; Donna M. Hornberger to Mandy L. Abram; William Abram, $140,000.
o Vacant land Wohlhueter Road, Kim A. Pufpaff; Timothy M. Pufpaff to Amber Klein; Thomas Klein, $50,000.
o Vacant land Rice Road, Denise M. Marciniak; Gary D. Marciniak to Melissa R. Fox; Thomas M. Fox, $40,000.

o 1145 Main St., Osmose Realty Corporation to 780 Ellicott St., $3,750,000.
o 77amp;79 Linwood Ave., 377 Elmwood Ave. to Linwood Buffalo, $1,025,000.
o 56 Lincoln Parkway, Cheryl D. Swiezy; James R. Swiezy to Peter J. Filocamo, $998,500.
o 1726 Hertel Ave., Hoegel Real Estate Holding to Dash Properties, $500,000.
o 607-b Bird Ave., Jennifer B. Cohen; Matthew A. Cohen to Thomas W. Salzberg, $370,000.
o 326 Ashland Ave., Allison R. James; Michael T. James to Edward Drantch; Aaron J. Mason, $360,000.
o 117 Loring, Charles S. Barone; Lori Labonte to Lulix, $350,000.
o 212 Highland Ave., William Masset to Jenny Liang; Julie Liang, $330,000.
o 368 Parker Ave., John J. Haumesser; Katarina Haumesser to Zabawa Tamara E Namaste, $325,000.
o 174 York St., Daniel J. Shaffer; Marian F. Shaffer to Timothy Battaglia, $235,000.
o 15 Abbottsford Place, Joseph F. Cardina; Kimberly T. Cardina to Abbottsford Real Estate, $229,000.
o 26 Woodette Place, Carmela Trippi to William G. Leonard, $225,000.
o 68 Robie St., Elizabeth Otto; Tobias Westermann to Jamie M. Whitwood; Rick Whitwood, $224,900.
o 204 Tacoma, Kristen A. Kusmierski; Nicholas R. Kusmierski to Fnu Romel, $205,000.
o 446 Linwood Ave., Serio Development to Khje Holdings, $205,000.
o 359 Parker Ave., Libero Vince Giancola; Tammy L. Giancola to Mark Zellmer, $200,000.
o 124 Mckinley Parkway, Allison C. Schroeder; Jeffrey S. Stauffiger to Sarah R. Lennon; Thomas S. Lennon, $177,000.
o 441 Potomoc Ave., Ciliberto Angeline Est Mar; Ciliberto Patricia A Hr Mar; Charles Mar Salina to Fatima Khiliji; Sami Khiliji, $162,000.
o 288 Baynes St., Josephine Licata; Michael Licata to 288 Baynes St. , $160,000.
o 387 Vermont St., Kallie Campbell to Matthew Daggett; Jessica Silverman, $155,000.
o 152 Fargo, Matthew Kantar to 152 Fargo, $150,000.
o 56 Lorraine Ave., Donald C. Hinton Jr.; Mary Susan Hinton; Katherine Ann Molenda to Rosemary Courtney, $149,900.
o 108 Portland St., Sarah R. Lennon; Thomas Scott Lennon to Suzanne M. Gallagher; Scott Leistner, $140,000.
o 375 Breckenridge St., Donald Bowden Jr.; Keisha Bowden to Lisa W. Eoannou, $138,500.
o 489 Plymouth Ave., Joseph Marino; Phyllis Marino to Derek Jon Evers; Sang Anh Nguyen, $135,000.
o 339 Sanders Road, Frank Militello Sr.; Gabi F. Militello to Michele A. Dominguez, $130,000.
o 26 Rutland St., Robert Lingle; Robert J. Lingle; Shannon Lingle; Shannon E. Lingle to Sean Godios, $127,000.
o 71 Cushing St., Kelly J. Cerrone to Karen Murray; Norman J. Murray, $125,000.
o 289 Tacoma, Bruce Ader to Dennis J. Mosner, $117,500.
o 202 Bird, 202 Bird Ave. Corporation to Angela M. Thomas; Brad R. Thomas, $115,000.
o 42 Cumberland, David M. Omara; Susan L. Omara to Grace M. Schroeder, $105,060.
o 76 Bame Ave., HUD to Janine M. Gibbs, $90,777.
o 294 Ashland Ave., James R. Martin to Buffalo Holdings, $85,000.
o 30 Benzinger St., Carmine V. Pardi; Florence A. Pardi to Andrew Baez, $85,000.
o 76 Lilac St., Peter V. Faris to Christopher Concepcion, $84,500.
o 34 Wheelock St., James R. Sarmiento; Kevin W. Spitler to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $82,049.
o 42 Cheltenham Drive, Mary R. Kawalerowski; Ralph J. Kawalerowski to Laura Morey, $80,000.
o 73 Seminole, Luann M. Paveljack; Steven E. Paveljack to Michael R. Paveljack, $79,100.
o 70 Warring, Latitudes 2024; Latitudes2024 to DHGF, $77,481.
o 254 Weiss, Adeline Staniaszek to Danielle P. Krakowski, $77,000.
o 23 Redmond Ave., Kevin Dipirro; Joseph Spano to Mary Jo Burke; Ryan Burke, $73,140.
o 409amp;415 Benzinger, Jason J. Hiscutt to Lynn Hartman; Rafael Ocasio, $73,000.
o 211 Parkdale, Ae Buffalo Properties to Tammy Giancola, $70,000.
o 5 Ross Ave., Jure Draksic; Mark J. Draksic to Ye Min Paing; Moo Koo Phaw, $68,000.
o 229 Military, Rramp;ee Holdings to Fatos I. Gashi, $66,000.
o 77 Eckhert St., Mark Peszko; Jerome N. Pollina to State of New York Mortgage Agency, $60,622.
o 134 Davey St., Lawrence J. Wilk to Jessica R. Jacobsen, $60,090.
o 76 Downing St., Iva Dis Bartula; James Bartula; Judith Bobula; Churchill Betty J Dis; Craig Churchill; Joanne Churchill; Keith Churchill; Kevin Churchill; Maidie Janik; Mildred I. Ludwig; George Vail; Howard Vail; Pearl Vail; Phyllis Vail; Vail William C Jr Dis; Mary Lou Wilmore to Charles Vaccaro, $55,000.
o 163 Austin, Saree Properties to Rag Realty Properties, $46,000.
o 283 Riverside Ave., Peter V. Faris to Thomas Sunshine, $46,000.
o 165 Purdy St., Mamp;t Bank to Theresa Cox, $45,000.
o 38 Bridgeman St., Mary E. Morgan; Mary Morgan; Mark J. Peszko to Mamp;t Bank, $37,527.
o 521 Smith, James Schueler; Jerilyn Schueler to Omayra Torres, $37,000.
o 302 Rother, Tamin Tasin Technical Works America to Salim Sarker, $36,000.
o 187 Hamlin Road, Zellie L. Dow Jr. to Diane Keys, $35,000.
o 544 Walden Ave., Ildico Chukwueneka; Kamau A. Chukwueneka to Md Sunu Miah, $33,000.
o 878 Clinton St., Gipson H. Mccarthy to Moksuda Akter, $33,000.
o 119 Humason Ave., James C. Mcgarvey to Spectra Business Hub, $30,000.
o 206 Rounds Ave., Debra Marie Gracie; Charles F. Pawlak to Spectra Business Hub, $30,000.
o 14 Kerns Ave., Kelley Ryan to Dominique Arckens, $28,000.
o 187 Northland, Michael A. Seaman; City of Buffalo to Golam Robbani, $28,000.
o 322 Davey, Coastal Financial to Meller Properties, $27,000.
o 219 Sumner Place, Rafique Ahmed; Refique Uddin Ahmed to Moni Ahmed; Muhibur Rahman, $23,000.
o 54 Benzinger St., Emily Karpuk; Emily K. Karpuk to Sonny N. Nguyen, $22,000.
o 160 Loepere, Crescent Community Voice; Crescent Community Voice to Mohammed K. Munshi, $20,000.
o 110 Alma Ave., Bel Air Usad to Monoara Begum; Nazmul Hossain, $19,000.
o 58 Alma, Bridgstone Investments to Monara Begum; Nazmul Hossain, $19,000.
o 55 Goodyear Ave., Devon T. Forrester to Md F. Karim, $18,000.
o 104 Gallatin, Michael A. Seaman; City of Buffalo to Chaw Khaing, $18,000.
o 475 Woodlawn, Joseph Maciejewski; County of Erie to Crs Services, $17,000.
o 25 Harp Place, Mddk Holdings to Kevlola, $16,000.
o 553 Hopkins St., Fannie Mae to Solomon Perry, $14,900.
o 130 Vandalia, Janet Osullivan to Alexander Budzyn, $13,000.
o 223 Roslyn St., Keybank NA to Kweb Properties, $12,500.
o 192 Floss Ave., Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Securities Corp Home Equity Asset Trust 2005-6 Home Equityamp;see; US Bank NA Tr to Versatile Enterprises, $10,000.
o 468 Cambridge Ave., Ruth Mcclelland Johnson; Ruth Reed; Ruth D. Reed to Rhea Davis, $8,000.
o 15 Woodside Ave., Robert E. Knoer to Carol L. Bloom, $7,000.
o 66 Northumberland, Nia Mozee to We Buy Houses Buffalo, $6,500.
o 298 Fifteenth, City of Buffalo to Arlene M. Quinones; David Sein, $6,200.

o 7-71 Linda Drive, 71 Linda Drive to Linda Lane Apartment Group, $7,450,000.
o 2015 Walden Ave., 2015 Walden Improvements to Walden Ave. Associates, $5,650,000.
o 7 Community Drive, Cleveland Hill Union Free School District to Aspire of Western New York, $900,000.
o 4747amp;4757 Genesee St., Miller Properties to Uniland Development Company, $450,000.
o 3941 Broadway, David F. Imiola to Mamp;t Hospitality, $325,000.
o 47 Lou Drive, Mzamp;dz Properties to Brendan Eric Tomasulo; Shannon Marie Tomasulo, $196,800.
o 7 Algiers Lane, Daniel Boczar; John Boczar to Albert J. Evans; Doris Smith-Evans, $152,500.
o 2265 George Urban Boulevard, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Property Group, $152,000.
o 128 University Ave., James M. Fricano; Jennifer M. Fricano to Donna C. Davidson-Peck; Jesse L. Peck, $148,300.
o 50 Nancy Place, Stephen Zdziebko to Chelsea E. Graff-Majewski; Adam Richard Majewski, $146,500.
o 31 Temple, Rose Braciak; Rose Marie Braciak to Christopher Fusco, $141,000.
o 168 Ellen Drive, Gregory T. Duell; Kaitlyn L. Feather to Alaina Mercado, $140,000.
o 83 Madeira Drive, Tara H. Kim; Young S. Kim to Michele Maltby; Benjamin Russo, $138,900.
o 124 Ellen Drive, Danielle M. Liberto; Joseph V. Liberto to Justin Kolacz, $138,000.
o 2957 George Urban Boulevard, Lisa M. Dojnik to Dominic J. Fraterrigo, $137,900.
o 10 Suzette Drive, Michael A. Ruda; Robert R. Ruda; Nancy Tighe; Diane L. Weaver to Kelly Ann Kowalski, $137,000.
o 26 Maria Lane, Jody Farrell to Brittany A. Celotto; Gary A. Celotto; Jarrett A. Celotto, $135,900.
o 74 Betty Lou Lane, Jeanette F. Mcguire; Michael J. Mcguire to Craig W. Boeheim; Maureen C. Boeheim, $130,000.
o 400 French Road, Rodney O. Personius; Louis Romanowski; Jennifer A. Scello to Mamp;t Bank, $125,770.
o 1145 Maryvale Drive, Lisa Emick to Jennifer L. Kasprzak, $125,000.
o 221 Greenway Boulevard, Beverly A. Cocciolo to Castlebrook Development, $125,000.
o 18 Airview Terrace, David E. Myers to Marilyn Fire, $119,900.
o 29 Veterans Place, Emily Woods to Aysha Haq; Mohammed Quiyum, $115,000.
o 138 Cunard Ave., Abs Properties to James M. Hinca, $113,000.
o 147 Harris Court, Sw Reo Trust 2014-1 Tr; US Bank NA Tr to Karen P. Phillips, $110,000.
o 125 Lemoine Ave., Laura A. Fire; Laura A. Hayhurst; Robert P. Johnson to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $109,694.
o 152 Ridge Park Ave., Richard A. Jezierski to Wilfredo Martinez, $109,000.
o 18 Caroline Lane, Louise Zoladz; Louise M. Zoladz; Victor Zoladz; Victor F. Zoladz to Matthew J. Bardenett, $104,500.
o 3016 William St., Tracey M. Fourtner; Mary A. Kempton to Citimortgage, $102,089.
o 54 Colby St., Martin Kwiecinski; Stephen Lingle to Nicole Stevens, $102,000.
o 100 Virginia Road, Patricia Buckley; Kathleen Majchrzak to Maple Leaf Capital Corp, $92,000.
o 299 Danbury, Linda Lewandowski; Nina Wilhelm to Joseph W. Becher, $89,900.
o 14 Bink St., Matthew Cohn to Kathryn D. Verhagen, $89,500.
o 55 Lindbergh Court, Barbara A. Evenhouse; Barbara A. Wascovich to Andrew P. Evenhouse, $85,000.
o 18 Atwood Place, Susan M. Schnaufer; Timothy C. Schnaufer to Md Solaiman Hossain, $79,900.
o 78 South Rossler Ave., Adam J. Cramer to Joseph Wojtulski, $75,000.
o 600 Beach Road, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to John Rubino; Joseph Rubino, $73,000.
o 24 Atwood Place, New Opportunities Community Housing Development Corp to Tracey M. Graves, $68,000.
o 23 Griffith St., Donald A. Oneill; Suzanne T. Oneill to Di Domenico Mark A, $65,000.
o 243 Roland St., Michael J. Szrama to Gregory Mazurczak, $60,684.
o 97 Charles St., Benjamin J. Dutka to David J. Darnley, $45,000.
o 4 Clover Place, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Revive WNY, $35,000.
o 2138 Clinton St., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Crs Services, $33,000.
o 291 Wagner Ave., HUD to Semsiye Egriu, $30,824.
o 111 Grant St., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Michael Salva, $30,000.
o 107 Roland St., Jospeh L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Copes Property Management, $27,000.
o 4639 Broadway St., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $26,000.
o 138 Toelsin Road, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $25,000.
o 158 Francis Ave., Bank of New York Mellon Tr; Cwabs Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2003-2 Tr to Kc Erie Niagara Properties, $22,500.
o 6232 Transit, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Darien Walker, $20,000.
o 51 East End Ave., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $20,000.
o 70 Woodell Ave., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Michael Williams Jr., $17,000.
o 76 Pfohl Road, Edward W. Werick III to Phillips Brothers Properties, $16,600.
o 233 Wagner St., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Timothy Popiela, $15,000.
o 309 Cleveland, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $15,000.
o 24 Barbara Place, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Antwaine Parker, $14,000.
o 104 Colton St., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Michael Williams Jr., $13,000.
o 1217amp;1219 Walden Ave., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Rubaiyat Fahria Ruba; Afsana Akhter Sunny, $13,000.
o 77 East End Ave., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $10,000.

o Vacant land 4582 Gentwood Drive, Gentwood Development to Bielmeier Builders, $470,000.
o 5385 Shadyside Drive, Douglas R. Scofield to Kathleen A. Lillis, $403,000.
o 5502 Pine Loch Lane, Adriana S. Karausch; Freddy Karausch to Danielle Bruno; Anthony Gross, $383,250.
o 8770 Greiner Road, Ann Criscitiello; Michael Criscitiello to Florence M. Knoph; Keith Knoph, $378,900.
o 5673 Ferncrest Ct D, Villas At Spaulding Green to Ismael E. Silva, $374,560.
o 5155 Oldgoodrich Road, Elizabeth Davis to Elizabeth Mancuso; Richard Mancuso, $360,816.
o 42 Ainsley Court, Gary Stockman to Leetta F. Smith; Ronald R. Smith, $309,000.
o 8311 Clarence Ln N, Jean B. Stefanski; Ronald R. Stefanski to Christopher J. Vandrei; Johana H. Vandrei, $302,121.
o 8877 Greiner Road, Heather Anderson; Phyllis A. Petrie; Phyllis Petrie; Thomas J. Petrie; Thomas Petrie to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust Tr; US Bank Trust NA Tr, $295,000.
o 8625 Sunset Drive, James A. Weibel Jr.; Katie J. Weibel to Joscelyn Fredericks; Martin Fredericks, $200,000.
o 5960 Goodrich Road, Katherine D. Mameli; Salvatore D. Mameli to Alan Getter; Karen Getter, $165,000.
o 7107 Transit Road, Chris Engasser to John C. Wassink; Tracy L. Wassink, $163,000.
o 8107 Stahley Road, Carol A. Miller; Claire H. Miller to Mark A. Foley; Hannah M. Lutley, $137,000.
o Vacant land County Road, Adrian R. Bopp; Margaret A. Bopp; Neil W. Bopp to Ckc Management, $31,500.

o 9410 Holland Glenwood, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to 9410 Holland Glenwood Trust, $25,000.

o 3763 Foster Road, Carol Stearns to Douglas B. Stearns, $60,000.

o 9595 Foote Road, Howard Mehne to John E. Senko, $337,500.

o 3180 Paxon Road, Michael S. Laing to Michael Bouton; Paula Bouton, $329,900.
o 2538 Hemlock Road, Castle 2016 to Paula Kuppel; Terry Kuppel, $32,500.

o 450 North Star Road, Geoffrey L. Joy; Marie Joy to Timothy J. Bartkowiak, $262,000.
o 511 Bowen Road, Roelofs H. Mark; Sarah D. Roelofs to Ryan M. Klute; Kristen M. Ritter, $247,000.
o 2161 Bullis Road, Amy Burgess to John Nowak; Rosemarie Nowak, $65,000.
o 51 King Road, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to WNY Real Property Holdings, $39,000.

o 1306 Church Road, Brian M. Bergum; Bethanne Guest-Bergum to John F. Sowinski; Lisa M. Sowinski, $208,000.
o 7847 Keene Road, Jeffrey R. Kelly to Kelly L. Folga, $135,000.
o 639 Herr Road, Angela Basile Pickard; Bruce A. Pickard to Corey S. Damba, $134,000.
o 6449 Putnam Drive, Lori Ann Swiatkowski to William Joyce Jr., $114,600.
o 634 Cradle Ave., Christopher M. Fox to David R. Anthony, $85,000.
o 1434 Independence Drive, Mary Pat Tyler; Thomas E. Tyler to Michael J. Murphy, $75,000.
o 9498 Harrison St., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Gary T. Ballowe, $25,000.
o 76 Chestnut Lane, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $25,000.
o 258 Garfield, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Gary T. Ballowe, $20,000.
o 9389 Orange St., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $12,000.
o 7619 Erie Road, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Caleb Schlabach, $10,000.
o 0 Peach St., Michael A. Seaman; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $9,300.

o 388 Buffalo St., Wells Fargo Bank NA to Global Premier Asset Management, $7,755.

o 2768 Fix Road, Gregory T. Caruana to Jonathan D. Caruana, $316,000.
o 2321 Long Road, Cheryl A. Kostek; Keith M. Kostek to David J. Cich Jr.; Jennifer Mroz, $199,900.
o 630 South Colony Road, Denelle C. Kolkmann; Karl H. Kolkmann to Heather J. Yockey, $187,500.
o 20 Lasalle Court, David J. Cich Jr. to Jennifer Lynn Woroniecki; Timothy Charles Woroniecki, $100,000.
o 44 Revere Road, Mary J. Armitage; Sharon Stern Gerstman; Gerstman Sharon Stern to Ross J. Depronio Jr., $100,000.
o 956 Enola Road, Midfirst Bank to James W. Dale; Lorraine B. Dale, $88,488.
o 25 Elsie Lane, Daniel J. Henry Jr.; Frederick Herman; Frederick S. Herman to Bronze Creek Title Trust 2013-Npl1 Tr; Christiana Trust Tr, $72,000.

o 2304 Agassiz Drive, Marrano/marc Equity Corporation to Kyle M. Criscione; Ryan M. Lamattina, $339,054.
o 6513 Hackberry Drive, Denise R. Oconnor to Christopher P. Smith, $272,847.
o 6520 Gowanda State Road, Maureen J. Gerken; Kathleen M. Mccarty; Carol E. Propp; Carol Flanagan Propp to Kimberly N. Appleby; Paul R. Appleby, $195,000.
o 73 Bovner Place, Colleen Q. Dengler; Daniel J. Dengler to Jeffrey D. Coltoniak; Megan J. Coltoniak, $190,000.
o 4881 Winterway Lane, Cheryl A. Wyler; David J. Wyler to Bethanne Guest-Bergum, $187,900.
o 5906-5908 Mckinley Parkway, Jill M. Musty to Carrie A. Jenner; Gary R. Jenner Jr., $187,000.
o 236 Pleasant Ave., Jaime L. Jeffrey to Todd C. Myers, $157,400.
o 3728 White Ave., Polly Belsenich to Vincent A. Shattuck, $153,700.
o 3962 Grant Ave., Linda S. Juda; Thomas R. Juda to Joseph C. Belsenich, $150,000.
o 4191 South Park Ave., Julie A. Jarrell to Nicole L. Robinson; Peter E. Shaffer, $131,000.
o 4615 Mt Vernon Boulevard, Kevin Sutter to John E. Flood; Renee Lynn Flood, $129,900.
o 5966 Dover Road, Kathleen Atti; Kathy Atti; Mark Macchioni; Philip J. Macchioni Jr. to Kimberly A. Mullins, $120,000.
o 179 Buffalo St., Adornetto Gregory J to Iskalo 179 Buffalo, $100,000.
o 4613 Chapman Parkway, Mary P. Schichtel to Rita B. Schichtel, $95,000.
o 4275 Sprague Ave., Luke C. Sisson; Marcy L. Sisson to Andrew R. Dart; Heather M. Marshall, $73,000.
o Vacant land Willow Ridge Drive, 5 Yovienes to Ryan Homes, $71,700.
o 5771amp;5779 Dover Road, Patricia B. Breidenstein to Dustin Clemons, $42,000.
o 4203 Arthur Court, Peter Liberatore Sr Family Limited Partnership to Ryan Homes, $27,000.
o 4205 Arthur Court, Peter Liberatore Sr Family Limited Partnership to Ryan Homes, $27,000.
o 64 Scott St., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $10,000.
o 50 Scott St., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $8,000.

o 9931 Savage Road, Jason Michel to 9931 Savage, $132,000.
o 287 Vermont St., Paul D. Pedziwiatr; Patricia A. Thompson; Patricia A. Thompson-Pedziwiatr to Micah R. Griffey, $101,900.
o 7901 Vermont Hill Road, Susan A. Gnaedinger to Susan A. Gnaedinger; Suanne E. Tuttle, $90,000.
o 9457 South Protection Road, Pennymac Corp to Kenneth Dawley; Lynne Dawley, $41,000.
o 9360 Southwind Circle, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Diane Reed, $10,000.

o 50-52 Ingham Ave., Dorothy Smalls; Nathaniel Smalls Sr. to Ahmed Shamsan, $38,000.

o 77 Westwood, Donna Orlando-Martin to Charles T. Jacobs, $399,000.
o 5 Bennington Lane, Ryan Homes of New York to Christine Gerace; Samuel Gerace, $332,390.
o 21 Hillside Parkway, Miriam E. Skea to Amy E. Gonzalez; Daniel W. Gonzalez, $297,000.
o 26 Creekwood Drive, Kelly M. Amoroso; Richard E. Amoroso to George R. Eigenbrodt; Patricia L. Eigenbrodt; Amy L. Flanagan, $290,265.
o 57 Southpoint Drive, Michael A. Majka to Frederick R. Surface Jr.; Samantha L. Surface, $250,000.
o 1158 Townline Road, Mark V. Bunyan; Martha L. Bunyan; Dominic Candino to Fannie Mae, $182,081.
o 51 Holland Ave., Andrew M. Zajdel; Maya Zajdel to Brandon Akromas, $145,500.
o 63 Doris Ave., Natalie A. Winiewicz to Debra S. Fox, $145,000.
o 200 Mohawk Place, Jaclyn M. Greiner; Neil L. Greiner to Kristen E. Mruk, $133,500.
o 81 Livingston St., Prospero R. Marino to Shelley Anthon, $133,000.
o 287 Iroquois Ave., Anthony P. Ippolito; Arlene M. Kurek; Jaclyn A. Spencer to Kristen B. Lawrie, $130,000.
o 9 Franklin St., James E. Coburn Sr.; James Renda to Residential Mortgage Loan Trust 2013-Tt2 Tr, $124,591.
o 276 #b Miller St., Richard F. Skrabucha to Christine Eye, $95,000.
o 6 Darien Court, Essex Homes of WNY to Michael W. Davis; Erika M. Karl, $85,000.
o 3905 Bowen Rd Unit #48, Ronald C. Missel to Miriam Skea, $76,500.
o 68 Tranquility Tr, Essex Homes of WNY to Vanderbilt Properties, $75,000.
o 532 Lake Ave., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Christine M Schuster Ira Ben; Karen F Schuster Ira Ben; Equity Trust Co Cust, $69,000.
o 702 Pleasant View Drive, Rjf Development Jv to Ryan Homes of New York, $57,000.
o 4 Middlebury Ln (sl 256), Rjf Development Jv to Ryan Homes of New York, $55,000.
o 24 Miller, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $30,000.
o 121 Irwinwood, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $28,000.
o 27 North Aurora, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $24,000.
o 82 Pardee Ave., Kathleen Krebs; Ronald Krebs to Maxwell Keeling; Alexis Matusiewicz, $10,000.

o 12108 Anne Drive, Charles W. Giambra; Cheryl A. Giambra; Chuck Giambra; David W. Polak to Westvue Npl Trust II, $265,000.
o 2755 Three Rod Road, HSBC Bank USA NA Tr; Renaissance Home Equity Loan Trust 2006-1 Tr to James M. Erwin; Joy M. Erwin, $135,104.

o Nst 5065 Havenwood Drive, Cmk Builders of Alden to Kyla M. Handley; Shaun M. Handley, $359,000.
o 7652 Moore Road, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Jamie J. Marquardt, $12,000.
o 0 Dorsch Road, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Lucas James, $10,000.
o 11187 Rapids Road, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Jamie J. Marquardt, $6,000.

o 10852 Sisson Hwy, Kathryn M. Stilwell to Eric M. Johnson, $128,000.
o 11883 Quaker Road, Edwin P. Hunter; Samuel A. Longo Jr. to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, $116,417.
o 2187 School St., Nicole Haag to Amanda L. Reed, $83,210.
o 10354 New Oregon Rd (part Of), Jennifer L. Regoord; Mark S. Regoord to Derek Hortman, $82,500.

o 67 Birdsong Parkway, Marie T. Labella; Steven J. Labella to Bethany L. Reiser; Ralf B. Reiser, $700,000.
o 22 Evergreen Trail, Djc Land to Leia Ince-Mercer, $656,737.
o 29 Winterhall Road, Katharyn F. Sexton to Barbara A. Brown, $465,000.
o 88 Briar Hill Road, Ivan James Bissell to Wendy Collier, $285,900.
o 41 Kathryn Drive, Brian Neuwirth; Julie E. Neuwirth to Stephanie R. Fino, $225,000.
o 85 Hastings Drive, Joseph P. Skinner; Lisa R. Skinner to Nucompass Mobility Services Inc, $206,100.
o 85 Hastings Drive, Nucompass Mobility Services Inc to Gary L. Arthur; Marcy A. Arthur, $206,100.
o 15 Stepping Stone Lane, Bonnie Orlow to Joanne S. Harris, $199,000.
o 70 Errington Terrace, Schiavone Irrevocable Trust 072402 Tr to Michael J. Sherry II, $180,000.
o 66 Hodson Road, Jonathan Orlow to Bonnie A. Orlow, $150,000.
o 14 Southwick Drive, Alan G. Higgins; Linda J. Higgins to Jahna M. Samson; Ronald W. Samson, $145,500.
o 6841 Scherff Road, Dorothy K. Moore to Dawn L. Beitz; Kyle Beitz, $139,000.
o 50-1 Carriage Drive, Arthur Petch; Aurther Petch to Donna M. Bissell, $135,000.

o 10499 Creek Road, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Bernadette R. Leicht, $25,000.
o 10200 Middle Road, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Timothy Popiela, $10,000.

o 183 Transit Line Road, Charles S. Francoforte to Jodie A. Mccarthy, $126,000.
o 30 White St., Patricia C. Lisbe to Kenneth Elson Wright, $116,500.
o 31 Albro Ave., Tamara L. Collins to Colin C. Shea; Stephani M. Shea, $61,000.
o 174 East Main St., Mamp;t Bank; Manufacturersamp;traders Trust Company to Miranda Real Property Investing Inc, $32,500.
o Vacant land Elm St., David P. Klenk to Judith L. Pinelli; Theodore L. Pinelli, $23,000.

o 37 Clinton St., Allen Katrina A Galla; Thomas J. Allen to Bradley T. Darrall, $130,000.
o 23 Baker Terrace, Patricia Burdo to Courtney A. Donner, $129,900.
o 252 Willowbend Road, George A. Newman; George Albert Newman to James M. May; Melinda Newman, $92,000.
o 56 Luksin, Anthony Imagna; Diane Skidmore-Imagna; Dianne Skidmore-Imagna to Steven J. Zarbo, $53,000.

o 1615 Sheridan Drive, Kumar P. Neppalli to Nancy J. Swartzman; William L. Swartzman Jr., $155,000.
o 125 Argonne Drive, Dorothy O. Christopher; Harold A. Christopher to Brian D. Edwards; Kathryn W. Stricker, $154,500.
o 74 Riverdale Ave., Iglesia El Calvario Asamblea De Dios to Buffalo Chin Emmanuel Church, $150,000.
o 110 Shepard Ave., Ronald E. Woehrling to Mary S. Pezzanite, $150,000.
o 44 Dolphann Drive, Elizabeth S. Krieger; Christopher Ohara to Thomas J. Drabinski, $149,500.
o 338 Ashford Ave., James Mackinnon to Andrew J. Mackinnon, $145,000.
o 29 Briarhurst Drive, Alice Uhl to Jennifer L. Arsenault, $144,750.
o 250 Oakvale Boulevard, Charlene Kalczynski to Kevin D. Terry; Bradley N. White, $144,000.
o 354 Wabash Ave., Gregory L. Gumkowski; Kathleen S. Gumkowski to Alissa A. Atak, $140,000.
o 93 Wellington Ave., Christine D. Fennell; Joseph F. Fennell to Melanie M. Cacciotti; Nicholas R. Cacciotti, $140,000.
o 139 East Hazeltine Ave., Wright Houses Inc to Kelly E. Reed, $139,999.
o 1121 Parker Boulevard, Charles Sears to Ahmed Altaim, $137,000.
o 176 Cleveland Drive, Joseph Spina to Mary Caitlin Hayes, $135,500.
o 267 Liston St., Angela M. Davis to Ernest C. Pitkin; Shauna L. Pitkin, $135,000.
o 267 Euclid Ave., Christopher R. May to Andrew P. Braun, $133,500.
o 136 Fries, Nancy Sciandra to Brett T. Schwartzkopf, $132,000.
o 257 Moore Ave., Anne Pulvino; Anne M. Sicheri to Charles Sorce; Virginia Sorce, $129,900.
o 232 Rosemont Ave., Karen M. Begovich to Meghan Affinito; Jennifer Sparks, $129,900.
o 44 Wendel Ave., Joseph R. Falsetti III to Shaheryar N. Khan, $129,500.
o 285 Avon Road, Seth D. Gugliuzza to Robert Batcho; Kellie Kehoe, $124,000.
o 204 Willowgrove S, Veronica J. Suda to Michael R. Lutz, $120,650.
o 70 Sherwin Drive, John H. Neeb to Michele A. Shadden-Lussier, $120,000.
o 33 Pickford Ave., Francis W. Hoffman Jr.; Patricia E. Hoffman to Arlene Vincent, $119,000.
o 367 University Ave., Esed Hamza; Mirzetta Hamza to Xing Hua Lin, $115,500.
o 220 Mapleview Drive, Keybank NA to Peter Schiralli, $115,000.
o 450 Victoria Boulevard, Jennifer Mroz to Luigi G. Digaetano, $112,000.
o 186 Dupont Ave., Kenneth Elson Wright to Robert Riley, $110,000.
o 167 Woodward Av, Felicia Dipasquale to Darrell Thompson; Karen Thompson, $110,000.
o 319 Floradale Ave., Jeanne M Moore Revocable Living Agreement 020900 Tr; Jeanne M Moore Revocable Trust 020900 Tr to Angela M. Anaya, $108,650.
o 482 Two Mile Creek Road, Andjelko Simic to Patrick Karl Walter, $105,000.
o 209 Mang Ave., Richard A. Sass to Samantha Herrmann, $95,000.
o 146 Parkhurst Boulevard, John W. Shankland; Kay M. Shankland to Bernard U. Nowak, $88,000.
o 583 Montrose, Mam Holdings to Mam Development Inc, $84,000.
o 456 Tremaine Ave., Clementine Dyson-Henk Revocable Trust 121691 Tr to Janet Kane, $70,000.
o 154 Traverse Boulevard, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Property One Management, $67,000.
o 189 Henderson Ave., Sandra M. Hudson; William J. Hudson Sr. to Gerald A. Shelvay, $60,000.
o 298 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Pilgrim Properties to Fengxian Li, $45,000.
o 284amp;286 Pilgrim, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $25,000.
o 136 Sawyer Ave., Dennis J. Laughlin; Trina M. Laughlin to Jeremie Jones; Elite Realty, $15,000.
o 266 Cortland Ave., Wallach Mark S Bkr Tr; 250 Cortland Ave Inc Bkr Tr to Fred Hanania, $10,000.

o 13304 Schang Road, Alicia A. Burns; Scott R. Burns to Kathryn L. Hammann; Michael E. Hammann, $270,000.
o 13615 Old Big Tree Road, Fannie Mae to Michael Manners, $54,500.
o Vacant land Carpenter Hill Road, Kenneth L. Kuntz to Theodore D. Winkle, $29,500.

o 82 Vista Court, Marrano/marc Equity Corporation to Joseph D. Bielecki; Mary P. Bielecki, $549,183.
o 44 Chancellor Lane, Marrano/marc Equity Corporation to Nubia Y. Cawthard; Richard J. Cawthard, $337,945.
o 599 Reserve Road, Bernice Wolins to Peter Liberatore Family Limited Partnership, $320,000.
o 25 John Alex Drive, Nvr Inc dba; Ryan Homes of New York to Barbara Ribarich; Thomas Ribarich, $317,315.
o 96 John Alex Drive, Nvr Inc dba; Ryan Homes of New York to Matthew Wade, $299,665.
o 481 Leydecker, Kim Uzar; Leonard Uzar to Colleen A. Smith; Patrick J. Smith, $259,900.
o 18 Deer Path, Earl C. Besecker; James Earl Besecker; Mildred D. Besecker; Marcia S. Spoonley to Nicholas A. Bartolotta; Andrea R. Davison-Bartolotta, $200,000.
o 344 Woodward Drive, Jeffrey S. Claar; Kathy N. Claar to George J. Sopko, $178,000.
o 114 Century Drive, Cynthia Arsenault; Cynthia M. Arsenault-Nelson; Michael Kooshoian; Cynthia M. Nelson to Gmat Legal Title Trust 2013-1 Tr; US Bank NA Tr, $171,401.
o 37 Cardinal Lane, Frank I. Dougherty to Richard Wisniewski, $167,000.
o 1744 Center Road, Jennifer L. Urban; Timothy R. Urban to Brian M. Kibler; Renee E. Schadt, $153,900.
o 75 Norwood Ave., Harold M. Ulrich; Harold Merton Ulrich to James N. Bartosiewicz; Haven Shin, $150,500.
o 5159-5163 Seneca St., Jean Turner; John A. Turner to Donald P. Smith, $150,000.
o 35 Hillcrest Heights, Stephen J. Szabo to Lawrence R. Odette; Theresa M. Odette, $150,000.
o 1400 Center Road, WNY Real Property Holding to Francis J. Mandura; Joleen Mandura, $150,000.
o 84 Cresthaven Drive, Agnes M. Spyche to Peter J. Colson; Kimberly R. Hanna, $145,000.
o 75 Mill Road, Viola D. Rodgers; Viola Dorothea Rodgers to Christie M. Rollain; Rollain Joshua T M, $142,900.
o 496 Potters Road, Norbert J. Smolinski to Katherine A. Manka; Simon F. Manka, $130,000.
o 1100 Seneca Creek Road, Dorothy J. Thompson; Howard K. Thompson to Matthew R. Schultz, $128,750.
o 41 Lexington Green, Rosemary Courtney; Raymond P. Trank to Dale Schuppenhauer Jr., $127,500.
o 21 Columbia Parkway, Nicholas A. Bartolotta; Nicholas A. Batolotta to Stephanie M. Rojas, $126,700.
o 59 Lakeside Drive, Susan A. Eggert; Susan Eggert; Dennis Grabowski; Dennis F. Grabowski to Eileen F. Eckstein; Timothy W. Eckstein, $124,900.
o 253 Kirkwood Drive, Barbara A. Bartholomew to Jenelle M. Hammill; John A. Hammill, $120,000.
o 9 Hilltop Court, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Fawn Schmidt; John Schmidt; Diane Weber, $117,000.
o 30 Roosevelt Ave., Louis B. Dingeldey; Kathleen M. Fuoco to Structured Asset Securities Corporation Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2007-Tc1 Tr; US Bank NA Tr, $106,626.
o 120 Wildwood Place, John F. Sowinski III; Lisa M. Wallo to Anthony L. Lipski, $105,000.
o 126 Burch Ave., Bonita L. Fredericks; Thomas W. Lenz to Sue A. Meiler; William H. Meiler, $94,000.
o 63 Dwyer St., Daniel S. Mariano to Brandon J. Ruzbacki, $84,800.
o 1100-3 Indian Church Road, Patricia A. Malinowski to Joyce A. Eberl, $71,800.
o 1011 Reserve Rd #6, Keith C. Mages to Gregory C. Justen Jr.; Kristina Kohl, $62,000.
o 100 Ansley Court, Victoria T. Glamuzina to Anthony C. Guzzo, $47,500.
o 66 Burch Ave., Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation, $20,000.
o 739 Mill Road, Joseph L. Maciejewski; County of Erie to Matterhorn Inc, $15,000.