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02 September

Man found dead near Eisenhower was hit by motor vehicle

A man who was found dead Monday afternoon near the Eisenhower Expressway near west suburban Hillside was struck by a car, an autopsy has discovered.

Illinois State Police found the body near the eastbound lanes of the expressway (I-290) near Wolf Road, according to spokesman Trooper David Roman.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office identified the man as 22-year-old Lashawn D. Williams, of the 14400 block of Independence Drive in Plainfield.

An autopsy Tuesday found Williams died of multiple blunt force injuries from being struck by a motor vehicle, and his death was ruled an accident, according to the medical examiners office.

Police believe the crash happened expressway early Monday morning, Roman said.

02 September

Conway Corporation promotes Mason

Henry Mason has been promoted to Electric Foreman for Conway Corporation.

As electric foreman, Mason will direct an assigned crew and assist in directing and coordinating activities concerned with the operation of the Electric Department.

“Henry brings a lot of experience and knowledge to his new role. He’s not only a great leader but a great role model too,” Electric Distribution System Manager Jim Moore said.

Chief Operating Officer Tommy Shackelford said: “Henry is respected by fellow employees, in the electric department and companywide. He cares about Conway Corporation, the employees who work for him and our customers. I have complete confidence that Henry will excel in his new, well deserved position.”

Mason began his career with Conway Corporation in May 1980 as a groundman.

02 September

Short Interest Update: NVIDIA Corporation, Seagate Technology PLC, LinkedIn …

Bidness Etc reports the latest short interest data, as of August 14, for some of the most actively-traded stocks on the Street.


The latest short interest for NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) stands at 37.2 million shares, down from 47.8 million shares as of July 31. The current short interest is 7.3% of the float. Short interest ratio for the stock has decreased from 8.87 to 3.02.

Seagate Technology

Seagate Technology PLCs (NASDAQ:STX) short interest has soared from 34.97 million shares as of July 31, to a 52-week high of 35.3 million shares as of August 14. The present short interest is 11.8% of the total number of shares available for trading. Days-to-cover ratio has risen from 5.76 to 8.36.


As of August 14, short interest for LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) is 3.9 million shares, up from a 52-week low of 3.3 million shares as reported on July 31. This short interest represents 3.4% of the overall float. Short interest ratio has risen from 1.15 to 1.84.


Yelp Incs (NYSE:YELP) most recent short interest totals 10.7 million shares, down from a 52-week high of 11.3 million shares as of July 31. This short interest is 16.4% of the total float. Days-to-cover ratio has increased from 1.66 to 3.5.

Short interest is the number of shares shorted of a particular stock.A rise in short interest level indicates that investors expect the share price to go down, while a decrease means that there is a general bullish sentiment toward the stock. Days-to-cover ratio (also called short interest ratio) shows the number of days it would take short sellers to cover their entire short positions on the stock.

However, it should be noted that a declining short interest does not indicate a bullish sentiment all the time. It may be because short sellers are covering their positions, and that investors are retaining their bearish view on the stock.

02 September

Cats as Work Companions

At my house, we work at home. All of us. Rory and I do our jobs from home (yay, internet), and I homeschool the kids. So we each have our computers and desks, and each has plenty of room on and around our desks for our work companions: our two cats, Ezra and Lavinius.

Whether your job is done from home, or you just sit in one place for a while doing a hobby or a work-at-home second job, you may also have a spot for a cat or other small, furry creature. But as most of us know, such creatures rarely stay where you want them to stay. They like keyboards and laps. They rub against monitors because they want you to pay attention to them, not the words on the screen. They play with your mouse cursor. But there are a few things you can do to keep your fluffy creatures with you, without them impeding your work.

02 September
Comments Off on Patrol Provides Synopsis Of Some New Laws Affecting Motor Vehicle & Boat Use

Patrol Provides Synopsis Of Some New Laws Affecting Motor Vehicle & Boat Use

The Missouri General Assembly recently enacted new legislation affecting motor vehicles and boats, and Governor Jay Nixon has signed the legislation into law. Unless otherwise noted, these laws go into effect August 28, 2015. The Patrol wishes to make the public aware of several of these new laws or changes to increase public awareness and education.

HB 269 Fire Extinguishers On Vessels

This bill requires every Class 2 vessel operating upon the waters of this state to carry two B1 type fire extinguishers, one B2 fire extinguisher, or a fixed fire extinguishing system and one B1 type fire extinguisher. Currently, the requirement is to carry either one B2 extinguisher, or two B1 type fire extinguishers. (Section 306.100 RSMo.)

HB 650 Auxiliary Lighting On Motorcycles

This bill allows white and amber auxiliary lighting on motorcycles. The lighting must be non-flashing, non-blinking, non-oscillating, and directed toward the engine and drive train of the motorcycle to prevent interference with the riders operation of the motorcycle. Among other types of lighting mentioned, LED strips are included. (Section 307.128 RSMo.)

HB 686 Motor Vehicle Registration

This bill revises the definition of junk vehicle to include a vehicle that has been designated as junk or an equivalent designation by any other state. (Section 301.010 RSMo.)

The transferor of an interest in a motor vehicle or trailer must include the name of the transferor in the required notice to the Department of Revenue. The bill allows for the electronic signature of the transferor on the notice. A notice of sale is effective even though it contains minor errors that are not materially misleading. (Section 301.196 RSMo.)

The bill allows the purchaser of a junk vehicle to apply for a junking certificate as well as the salvage certificate of title or certificate of ownership to the Department of Revenue, and the department director must issue a negotiable junking certificate to the purchaser that must authorize the holder to possess; transport; or, by assignment, transfer ownership in the parts, scrap, or junk. The department must only issue a junking certificate for any vehicle issued a junking certificate or similar document or classification pursuant to the laws of another state, regardless of whether the designation has been subsequently changed by law in any other state, and a salvage certificate of title or original certificate of title must not thereafter be issued for the vehicle. If the vehicle has not previously been designated as a junk vehicle, the applicant making the original junking certificate application must be allowed to rescind the application within 90 days. (Section 301.227 RSMo.)

The bill removes the requirement that the sale of all 30-day temporary registration permits must be recorded on the dealers monthly sales report if the sale is already recorded by electronic means as determined by the department. (Section 301.280 RSMo.)

01 September
Comments Off on Police arrest eight, issue 646 motor vehicle violations, and recover 1020 …

Police arrest eight, issue 646 motor vehicle violations, and recover 1020 …

City police arrested eight people, issued 646 motor vehicle violations, and recovered 1020 packets of heroin during a special crime suppression operation on Thursday, said police director Jerry Speziale.

A preliminary report of the crime detail reveals an extremely successful operation that resulted in the recovery of a large amount of narcotics that included crack-cocaine, marijuana, and powder cocaine.

The director said police officers issued 502 moving violations, 144 parking tickets, and towed 49 vehicles. He also said 23 summonses were issued for municipal ordinance violations.One stolen vehicle was recovered, said the director.

Four people were arrested on outstanding warrants. And two people were arrested for trespassing and two more on drug charges.

In all police arrested eight people, said the director.

Speziale said officers also recovered 1020 glassines of heroin, 29 baggies of crack-cocaine, eight baggies of marijuana, and 20 grams of powder cocaine.

The city police Emergency Response Team and Traffic Division conducted the operation on Thursday.

The city’s Ceasefire Unit was also deployed at hotspots throughout the city and it issued more than a dozen ordinance violations which are included in the count.

Speziale said the special crime suppression detail was deployed on Thursday instead of during its regular Saturday.

01 September
Comments Off on Municipal Corporation proposes starting of hourly parking system

Municipal Corporation proposes starting of hourly parking system

MC to seek public opinion

  • To make the paid parking people-friendly, the Municipal Corporation will invite suggestions from the general public on the new terms and conditions before finalising it and will involve all the stakeholders before giving a final shape to the new paid parking policy. To seek public opinion, the new terms and conditions as per the proposed policy will be shared on the official website of the Municipal Corporation ie The suggestions of the paid parking contractors have already been sought for consideration for better convenience of the general public at large.

Also proposes night parking system

  • The MC has also proposed to start the night parking system in the city. The step was proposed to discourage street parking in front of houses of residents in order to maintain proper transport planning. The areas like Sector 22, 8, 9, 34, 35 and 43, were proposed for the night parking system. These lots will be managed by parking contractors round-the-clock and people can use the parking facility at night as well, an MC official said.
01 September
Comments Off on Dogs Are Great Motorcycling Companions – Video

Dogs Are Great Motorcycling Companions – Video

For some reason, pets accompanying their owners on motorcycles look like they have some sort of superpowers. Whether we are talking about cats, dogs or other animals, small or big, they surely look very cool riding along.

Now, it looks like dog trailers to be used with motorcycles is more than a mere niche thing. We have seen all sorts fo trailer designs, from makeshift and not-exactly-safe ones to intricate designs that take the shape of UFOs or even retro cars.

Weve all met dogs who pop their heads out the window of a moving car, especially during the summer, cooling down as the wind makes their leering tongues flap in a funny way. Likewise, smaller dogs that ride in the lap of their cruiser-riding owners are not the rarest of things. We even met cats that would stick their claws in specially-tailored pieces of felt attached to a bikes tank.

Before spending your money or your money and time, in case you decide to build such a trailer yourselves, the best thing is to try and see how does your smaller companion feel about riding with you.

While some animals might find the noise of a bike, the speed and the wind one of the best fun they can get, others might get easily scared. Needless to say, forcing them onto the bike, in your lap, inside special bags or cases causes unnecessary stress and fear.

Now, this dog seems just fine inside his car-shaped trailer and doesnt seem to be hindered by the goggles. Even more, the chap looks like hes enjoying this ride even more than his owner, especially as he doesnt have to drive and be always aware of whats going on both on the road and behind the Can-Am Spyder.

Were not sure about what the law says about transporting animals in such trailers. Anyway, wed rather go with the flow and say that everything is fine as long as the animals feel fine and safe. After all, no owner would spend money to hurt their pets, would they?

01 September
Comments Off on The exercises you know you should be doing (but probably aren’t)

The exercises you know you should be doing (but probably aren’t)

I bet your to-do list today is long. But somewhere on that massive list, are you making time for your pelvic floor?

Puh-lease, I hear you say. I barely have time to shower.

While it may not be a priority, there are great reasons to strengthen your pelvic floor, says womens health physiotherapist Fiona Rogers.

This is because the pelvic floor does everything from keeping our core strong through to preventing bowel and bladder leakage.

Its also important for your sex life, says Rogers. An orgasm is rhythmical contractions of the pelvic floor, she explains, so having a weak pelvic floor can lead to poor or unsatisfactory sexual response.

Furthermore, a strong pelvic floor can help prevent organ prolapse. Prolapse is when certain organs – like your bladder or uterus – protrude (or prolapse) through the vagina.

While pelvic floor exercises cant guarantee these things wont happen, strengthening your pelvic floor can help prevent them.

If youre not sure what your pelvic floor is exactly, youre not alone. Rogers explains its simply the network of muscles and tissues that support your pelvis. And, she adds, if youve ever carried a baby, youve put a lot of pressure on that system.

This is true regardless of how you gave birth. However, if you had a vaginal delivery, she says those muscles and tissues stretched and lengthened up to twice their normal size.

Now you know why you should exercise your pelvic floor, its time to learn how to do it properly.

31 August
Comments Off on Is your body telling you that you really need a vacation?

Is your body telling you that you really need a vacation?

In a 2011 survey of 1,546 people by the American Psychological Association, about one-third of respondents said they typically feel tense or stressed out during their workday. And despite that nearly all of us need an occasional break, many rarely take a vacation day because they worry that others will look down on them, says Paula Davis-Laack, PhD, author of Addicted to Busy.

Sky-high stress at work wont just lead to burnout–it can also bring on stomach issues, trouble sleeping, headaches, and more, according to a 2011 review by researchers from the University of South Florida. On average, Americans get 14 days of vacation a year, but use only 10 of them. How do you know when youve reached a breaking point and it might be time to cash in your chips? Read on for the signs that you and your workplace need a little time off.

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Every little problem is turning into a big issue

No one likes fielding other peoples mistakes, but the truth is, you should be able to handle the occasional curveball or two–and your goal should always be to knock it out of the park. A positive attitude is key.